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All guests are required to sign in at the front desk and before accessing private sector, members must let our Front Desk Executive know of incoming visitors. Guests will be offered either water or coffee while they wait. If a visitor did not set an appointment with a member, they will not be allowed inside the premises and our Front Desk Executive will take a message and relay the message to the appropriate member.

Food & Drinks Regulations

Private office members and Virtual members may take snacks inside of their office or workstations (with limits). However, food and/or meals are prohibited inside the common areas except the kitchen area.

Card Access

  1. You may not let anyone else borrow your keys or alarm codes. Your agreement and the services we provide are personal and not transferable
    1. Extended Hours access may be revoked at manager's discretion
  2. You should carry your access card at all times
  3. If you card malfunctions for any reason, please contact our Front Desk Executive
  4. If you lose your keys a $75 replacement fee will be added to your next invoic

Business Hours

Stone Oak Location

Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm

Medical Location

Monday - Friday from 9am - 6pm

Common Space

  • All workstations are on a first come first serve basis
  • No food is permitted in the common area except for minor snacks. Drinks are only permitted with a proper lid
  • Please do not leave your material or laptop at a workstation if you intend to be gone more than 1 hour. VenturePoint is not responsible for any lost or stolen items
  • Our our space operates on mutual respect. If you have a conversation that turns private, feel free to take it outside to the beautiful shaded outdoors, or simply step into a conference room

Conference Rooms


  1. Reservations are subject to approval by the manager
  2. Members and non-members are required to notify 24 hours in advance of any conference room cancellation
    1. Members who do not cancel 24 in advance will be deducted 1 hour or credit of the monthly conference room use. If there is no hour or credit deduction available, the member will be charge 1 hour of the conference room reserved
    2. Non-members are subject to a $50 cancellation fee if cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. If no cancellation notice is received non-members will be charge fully
  3. There is no limit on the number of times a conference room can be booked within the 30-day time frame by a company or individual
    1. Members - Conference room hours above the agreed monthly allowance will be billed at the end of the billing cycle. Members may not reserve a room more than 60 days in advance
    2. Non-members - will be required to pay in advance for any of their bookings
    3. Persons attending meetings in the conference rooms are subject to all Venture Point rules and regulations
    4. Conference rooms must be left in a clean and orderly condition
    5. Companies, organizations or individuals holding meetings at any Venture Point conference rooms assume all responsibility for any damage to VenturePoint equipment and facilities during their meetings. By submitting the electronic reservation request from the organization, the company, or the client accepts personal responsibility for the use of the room. *Venture Point will not be responsible for materials, equipment or other personal belongings left in the conference rooms by users
    6. Attachment of signs, banners, or flyers to any Venture Point conference room wall, ceiling or any piece of Venture Point property is strictly prohibited
    7. Food and beverages are allowed inside conference rooms at managers discretion
    8. Smoking is prohibited inside Venture Point facilities (includes any form of electronic cigarettes)


    • Display
    • HDMI connection standard (VGA connection available at some locations. Not recommended)
    • VGA Adapter for Mac/PC (Mini Display to VGA. Not reecommended)
    • HDMI Adapter for Mac/PC (Mini display to HDMI)
    • HDMI Cables
    • Dry-Erase Boards
    • Dry-Erased Markers
    • Note Pads
    • Writing Instruments
    • Conference Phone
    • Conference Room Bridge (Request ahead of time)
    • If you have questions regarding the connectivity with your device, feel free to give us a call to confirm we have the right connection tools

    Any supplies you made need outside of the specified above please let our Front Desk Executive know and we will do our best to provide it for your meeting. *Not guaranteed

    Personal Conduct

    Venture Point values our members and we take pride in the the rules we set forth in order to maintain balance in our community of business professionals

    1. Kids
      1. Venture Point provides a professional work environment and kids are not conducive to our work environment
    2. Pets
      1. Pets are not allowed inside the office
    3. Dress Code & Personal Hygiene
      1. All members and guest must maintain a clean and professional image during business hours. “Business Casual” or “Business Formal” are the dress codes preferred
      2. All members and guests are expected to maintain appropriate levels of personal hygiene
    4. Vocal limits
      1. “Inside Voice” is required in the business center at all times. Your conversations should not carry over into others space or disrupt Private members in their suites
      2. Conversations that carry over 30 minutes must be held in a conference room
    5. Poor Language & Conduct
      1. Poor conduct and language will not be tolerated at Venture Point during or after business hours. A respect must always be maintained between all members, guest and staff