Finding a place for the Mobile Entrepreneur

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coffee shop for mobile entrepreneur in san antonio
For the mobile entrepreneur, finding a meeting space is sometimes difficult.
Many of them use places such as Jim’s or Starbucks.  While that is a convenient opportunity, it lacks privacy, not to mention the noise.
At most coffee shops, it’s sometimes hard to hear over the loud music.  Think if you will when you’re making a key point to a customer only to have a waitress interrupt a conversation.
And what about formal presentations?
If someone needs to find a place to provide training or to bring a team together, what kind of options are there for the mobile entrepreneur?  For some, the best option is to rent a hotel room.
In San Antonio, VenturePoint provides an alternative to coffee shops and hotels with its services, you’ll find Secure Internet Connection, good coffee and snacks, an environment encourage the creativity and collaboration and the best professional community of successful entrepreneurs to increase sales and knowledge with flexible terms and conditions.
Please feel free to call us about our array of services by either calling us at (210) 598-5595
Posted by Luis Escobar on 18th September, 2015


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