Flexible Office Space is emerging as a sustainable business strategy

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Virtual Office Space for Rent in San Antonio by VenturePoint
Flexible Workplaces are continuing to be adopted, but some organizations are passively accepting changing ways of working, rather than actively planning workplaces to accommodate new work styles.
“Choose your own place to work” suggests employees working outside company offices and offering the convenience of working at alternative locations; an ongoing move towards mobility – both inside the office and elsewhere. Third spaces – workspaces other than home or company-provided office.
The technology in every aspect of our life is predominating our way of living. The workplace is far more agile. In this context, we offer a new world of work in every VenturePoint Location:
CHOICE: deciding where and how you want to work.
ADAPTABILITY: adapting our working pattern to meet your private needs and personal time constraints, conference, meeting and private rooms.
WORK: entrepreneurship is the norm.
LOCATION: access all our Locations in San Antonio.
SERVICES: offering real-time services, catering to peak demands.
WELLNESS: privileging wellness over work – stand, sit or lounge.
NETWORK: reliance on an extremely wide network of more than 300 members.
It’s not that these old workplaces won’t be effective anymore, it’s that the old kind of work will not exist anymore. Period!
Do not get stuck paying for space you do not need and desks you do not use. Only pay for space and services you need, when you need them.
Join VenturePoint and give your business the agility to rapidly respond to change. Make it easier to adapt to the unknown and chase new business opportunities.
Here’s how VenturePoint can help:
a) You can increase or reduce the office space you need for each coworker/employee/partner
b) Pay per person and not for the space
c) No long-term commitments
d) Low move-in cost and no upfront capital investment
e) Only pay for space and services you and your employees need, when you need them.
f) Access to world-class Technology including; Secure Internet, Wi-Fi, printing, scanning, copying, and onsite support team
g) Flexibility to change your office space and location to meet your changing needs.
h) Your own customized Workspace Management Application. Android and Apple
VenturePoint can help you to minimize risk and prepare your business for whatever the future holds.
Unlimited High Speed and Secure Internet Connection
Unlimited Access to Coworking Space
Access to any of our Conference Rooms in San Antonio including 8 hours plus 1 hour per member Additional at $12.50 per hour
Access to prints, copies, scans and fax, at preferred rates
Support Team
Hot & Cold Beverages and Snacks
A Friendly Welcome To Your Visitors
Preferred rates on services
Areas business lounges and breakout spaces
Traditional Model VenturePoint Model
$564 per employee * ✔︎ $64 per employee
Contract 36 months ✔︎ Month to Month
Fix Cost ✔︎ Variable
Non Flexible for upsize or downsize ✔︎ Flexible, Upsize and downsize easily
Single Location ✔︎ Multiple Locations
Technology Standard ✔︎ Vanguard Technology

* Fact; According to a EG&A research, every company needs 200 sq/ft per employee. 20 employees need 4,000 sqft. The average lease in San Antonio for a Commercial Real Estate $25 sqft X 4,000 Total $100,000/12 months = $8,333 per month/20 employees Total of $416 Real Estate per month per employee, with a minimum Commitment for 3 years. Receptionist, Utilities, Maintenance, Office Supplies, Internet, Phone, etc $2,960 Monthly meaning $148 per Month per Employee Grand Total $564

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