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Virtual Office Space for Rent in San Antonio by VenturePoint

You have the freedom to find the best place to do your best work. Choose any of our workspaces to use by the hour, day or month.

VenturePoint can provide alternatives for providing professional work spots for your team.
We are offering some low-cost alternatives for mobile entrepreneurs, small businesses and those who want to explore a virtual office set up for their sales staff.
For the last year, VenturePoint has proven that we can help mobile entrepreneurs with an alternative to coffee shops and other virtual hangouts. Instead of loud music, screaming kids and crowded spaces, VenturePoint has provided a place to work as well as to host meetings.
Now, we are offering Corporate Membership that allow a business to easily add staff. For example, one business has added a second worker. She needs a place to hold meetings for clients and also a place to check messages during the day.    We can easily add that person to a contract.
Here’s another scenario. Imagine that a business in Miami wants to add a sales rep for Texas. We can provide their sales professional with a place to make everything from a formal presentation to a simple sales call.
With locations at Stone Oak and the Medical Center, a company can use our facilities based upon their needs.
Our members also can count on other services ranging from taking a telephone message, accepting packages and sodas with snacks. We also provide copy services and networking opportunities.
We hope that you will contact us about our new programs or to ask how we can help expand your real estate/office options.
Work where and how you want.
Free yourself from the cubicle and the coffee shop. Find the perfect spot to work based on location, amenities and price.
Get instant access to workspace.
You don’t have to worry about contracts, leases or negotiations. Choose the work space you want and just book it instantly.
Find our workspaces from anywhere. 
Work happens any place at any time. Book any of our workspaces on-the-go with our mobile app.
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