An office for mobile entrepreneur with receptionist, conference rooms, the latest technology

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VenturePoint provides a great solution for the modern entrepreneur, the entrepreneur who wants to focus on developing his own business and not on administrative tasks that are not only repetitive, but they take valuable time away and are a distraction.

Yes; That’s right, VenturePoint provides a great solution for the modern entrepreneur, the entrepreneur who wants to focus on developing his own business and not on administrative tasks that are not only repetitive, but they take valuable time away and are a distraction.

With this solution, you still have the freedom to plan your day, focus on your business more and truly accelerate it to the next level.
Enjoying the services that VenturePoint has to offer means;

Handling mail and packages. 

The convenience of listing VenturePoint as the registered business address of your company to receive your mail every day and stored for you. When a letter or package is addressed to YOUR NAME  the receptionist receives it and you will receive a notification from our application designed specifically for VenturePoint. Based on your choice, you will receive either an email or text message notifying you who the sender is and what type of mail/package it is. Also, if you happen to be out of town and you receive something you need, you will have the option to answer the wizard asking you if you would like the document to be opened and scanned to you so you can read it from where you are. Mail forwarding  is also available so wherever you may need your mail to go, we can do that for you as well.

Virtual Receptionist 

We also offer a professional live answering service . When a customer calls asking for YOU  through our telephone service, we would answer as follows; “Thanks for calling your company”, how I can help you”  and when they ask to talk to you, our receptionist can either forward the calls to you or take a message on your behalf. Our receptionist can take the message and seconds later you will receive an email or text message with details of the call. This leaves your customers impressed and thinking that your company” is larger than they thought and have many clients.

Professional office environment 

The advantage of meeting with your clients in one of our conference rooms is that when the client arrives, there is a sign with the name of your company” visible to them.  The receptionist professionally greets your clients and leads them to the conference room that you had previously reserved using our application, and they are offered some refreshments. In every conference room at every location, there is a TV and access to high-speed secure internet. This gives you the ability to present your work in a professional, confidential and uninterrupted environment. During the meeting, if you need to print a proposal, we have a multifunction printer at your service in the reception area and the receptionist is available to assist you with any office supplies so you have the opportunity to professionally present your work to your clients. With this professionalism, your clients are impressed by the great company image and success your company” that portrays.

Coworking Area 

Another utility available to you; are our workstations. You can enjoy a professional environment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack while having the opportunity to exchange some ideas with other successful entrepreneurs like YOU.  This environment where you can collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs is a valuable time to you and your company” .  Building relationships with other entrepreneurs in a familiar and pleasant environment (like if you were with friends or coworkers) gives YOU   many opportunities to expand your professional network with successful entrepreneurs like YOU. 

Office Administration 

YOU   can enjoy all these services and also not have to worry about payroll assistants or traditional office expenses. YOU do not have to worry about the staff that is responsible for maintaining that the technological infrastructure is working properly; High-speed Internet, phone system, the printer, nor worry about who is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of your workspace. No Hassles.
For just $ 98 a month, YOU   can, of course, enjoy all these services and more by becoming a member of VenturePoint.
Do not waste any more time and call us today and receive $150 Voucher when Sign up!!! 
Enhance your company”  professional image, save money and have peace of mind to concentrate and pushyour company”  to the next level.


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