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Luis Escobar founder of VenturePoint

People tend to think the word ‘entrepreneur’ is very fancy and makes you look more interesting, but an astronaut is much more interesting.

What is my goal with this text?

1. Motivate american readers to be better entrepreneurs and help develop their potential. They know what they have, they should be more grateful as there are many shortcomings in this world and they do not value the benefits they have enough.
Also coming from another country, my perspective is very different and we need to appreciate the differences.
We have to remember that the USA is the most powerful economy in the world and for that reason, everyone wants to do business in this country which means that the competition is very large and we must be much more proactive in the development of our businesses. It is essential to develop and create efficient strategies in marketing everyday.The USA is a country with more than 200 million Americans spend who love to carelessly spend money, so it becomes very important to reach our target in every possible way and not because we want to reach 200 million, but because the competition is looking for the same, so you have to have a presence and distinguish yourselves from the competition fiercely.
2. Remove the fear of losing everything, this is the third time I start a business from scratch. I really do not see it as fear anymore, once I was able to overcome this fear is when I started to make progress and achievement. Once I realized what I really liked to do, I started to put my best effort and all my passion into my business. I realized that the money was falling but, the trick is to stay focused and keep looking for ways on how to do things better because when your objective is legitimate and you are consistent and integral in everything, success becomes your fate.
3. You have to feel passion for your business, not just create a business because you’re unemployed or need money but you should do an internal analysis of your abilities and personality and figure out what suits you best, an Entrepreneur,  a Business Owner or Manager or investor or Freelancer. All are needed in the business arena and they compliment each other and help each other. There is no single player in business, you need to know how to be a part of society and be part of a team. You must know your skills and recognize your limitations. If you do not like to take risks, you have to recognize this and decide what you speciality is whether it is an entrepreneur, business manager, freelancer etc. People tend to think the word ‘entrepreneur’ is very fancy and makes you look more interesting, but an astronaut is much more interesting.

My background EET MBA and MM & why it is important at this time

I realized God prepared me for this business and the knowledge needed to run this type of business i have,
– Marketing
– Technology
– Administration
– English

I graduated from IPN ESIME as an Engineer in Communications and Electronics in 1985. I learned two things, 1, no matter what you have and what you have learned in school, the most important factor is your attitude. I did not know much and I was definitely not the star of the class. I graduated with the two smartest school mates and we wanted to get rid of the pressure from our parents to study a career and so I applied and I graduated as soon as possible. My goal was very clear.

I obviously developed the ability to understand technology because in those days there was no PC, Mac etc. I learned to program with punch cards, I mention this not because I want you to realize that I am an oldie, but because I want you to realize how much technology has advanced and how it has affected our lives in such a short time (Refer back to Moore’s Law) and make a reflection.
During that time, for some mysterious reason, I wanted to learn to speak English, I wanted to know the world and travel so i then took every opportunity i could to learn to speak English, read articles, books, and while traveling to Cancun or Vallarta, I sought out by going to America to live and learn the language.
When I worked for Printaform, the President gave me advice that is very still very valid today. He told me, “Luis if you want to study a Master’s study something different from your career, because if I want to hire an electronic engineer mastering in electronic engineering, it is very easy to find, but to find someone with diverse experience such as an electronic engineer with an MBA, that value will be immense.” So with his advice, I decided to study my Masters in Business Administration, gaining the experience to understand Business Plans, Marketing, basic accounting and finance, in order to understand how to manage a business.
My experience in marketing then led me to acquire and form my own agency named EG&A Direct Marketing in 1991 and it become 1 of the Top 20 customers for SEPOMEX with 350 employees generating $4 million US a year and gave me a lifestyle that only 5% of the population in Mexico had.
During those days, my father told me that if I wanted to learn how to excel in marketing, I  should learn from the Americans because they knew how to do marketing very well. Since 1994, I came every year to The US to learn more about Marketing trends and strategies and learned there not only to do marketing but expand such knowledge, this was a very important aspect for the Entrepreneur.
That is why I told you God prepare me to do this business, knowing the principles of technology was vital because this is what dictated the course of business since late last century, and my career in Communications and Electronics gave me the ability to understand it.
I also need to know the principles of Management Plans to develop simple and practical Businesses, hence my MBA also helping me in this.
Finally, knowing how to speak English, and although I have not mastered this yet, I’m still learning and I can communicate pretty well, spoken and written.

Why I am here in USA?

After two attempts to kidnap me, I made the decision to immigrate to this country and protect my family, the most precious thing I have, because without them I would not be standing here. We looked for a place to raise our children safely and somewhere where they could enjoy their childhood, something that can only be experienced once.
I came to San Antonio as a ‘Mexican businessman’ and I lost everything. I did not bother to learn or know the American culture and this was a great downfall on my part. I ended up losing all my capital and more.. I lost my 2 kidney as well. I had to overcome a disease without money and with a responsibility of taking care of my family. And not only that, I thought I am not going to be able to leave them anything since I had already lost everything. I only imagined that they would remember me as a father who would die fighting….. a good example. So I will always be grateful to the city of San Antonio  and USA for helping me get what we were looking for and more. I have learned that my ability has no limits, only thanks to the instinct of survival in this country is that I discovered myself and I can understand the capabilities of the famous American Dream. James Truslow Adams believes that prosperity depends on one’s skills and their work, not a destination dictated by rigid social hierarchy.
So I had two options, Either go back to Mexico, or prove to myself and my family that I can succeed. I decided to stay and prove that I will be successful sooner or later in the USA.
At that time, I had to have dialysis 3 times a week 4 hours each day, that is, they would pierce my arm twice and I would also be plugged into a device that would keep me alive, I also learned a lot about how technology can save lives and more importantly how to love technology. During my 4-hour dialysis, I had to think long and hard and educate myself. That’s when I realized that all I could leave my children was the example of a man who dies in the process of trying to succeed. I had no money and no properties, all I had was my example and I had to do it the best way possible. My responsibility to humanity was to make better human beings than me. The disease helped me change my mentality a lot. My example with more preparation would leave me with the necessary tranquility to know that none of my 3 children will have problems in developing their life as they want and that also they will NEVER be a burden to society and better yet, they will form a better family and more united and that was my best gift that I could bring to humanity.

The Beginning of VenturePoint

I had to start to develop a Business Plan for a Business Center and since my training, I always liked technology and I could not believe that there was no office space where a mobile entrepreneur could develop their ideas/companies without having to invest serious capital. Since I was in the same situation,  I decided to find a solution to that need.
In April 2007,  a Mexican investor believed in me and helped me launch Huebner Business Center. In less than 9 months I could make it sustainable. Despite the threats of my investor, he made it very clear that there would be no more capital  so I had make it sustainable with what I had and I did it. But then I got bored, I’d spent less than 10 hours a month to manage it because it was already full and very stable but I did not reach the amount of money that I needed. I started researching how to get more of the same type of business and that’s where I found the solution of virtual offices and coworking space.
I’ve always believed you should investigate who is the leader of your industry in your city, that is an obligation of an entrepreneur. You need to have a reference in your industry or market, to have someone to look up to. I looked for it and I found it and I realized that neither of them were thinking the same way as me.  Even in the 3 most important cities in Texas, I couldn’t find someone with my same goal.
My vision and goal is to provide office space to mobile entrepreneurs who appreciate the convenience of having a professional space to work and carry out their activities in confidence. With the flexibility of ubiquity and having offices in more than one place for  as much as $99 per month. So I was not just focused on startups, I wanted vertical markets, geeks, graphic designers, lawyers etc. My vision is more horizontal and for whoever had a need to be mobile. On average, our clients are in the office 2.5 hours a week. This has made us unique in the Texas market. On the other hand, I realized that the most important thing in my business would be to develop a marketing platform that makes VenturePoint stand out with minimum momentum.So that gave me the task of finding and developing the best specific strategies for this niche, analyze them and put them into practice.
The most important factors about VP is the staff, marketing platform and facilities. In that order.
I have also learned that the search for investors or sources of capital is an endless task as this is limited and indispensable to continue to grow exponentially. So I got the capital to form the corporation and do the necessary to develop and create the brand (logo and the name)  and set the stage and create the basis for my marketing platform that could be established.

From self-employment to entrepreneur

A business does not mean just creating a website and making friends. It is a responsibility and this is where you see the difference. An entrepreneur understands the difference and understands what it means to be a leader and has passion for their business. Not only as a leader that employees are following today, but competitors, suppliers, partners, investors and your community. That’s why you must understand that you are a leader and you must behave as such and take on that responsibility. It’s not an option.
To start a business is to put passion into the business, put your heart and soul into it. You must live it minute by minute. All parts of the community become aware of your passion and your convinced there is no other option for you.
But all of this begins with a commitment to that passion you feel for your business and your responsibility, and even then you will realize that your position in society will be that of a genuine leader.
When you feel this passion, you don’t doubt it with reason, you have to learn to balance your mind and your heart and grow to be more emotionally intelligent. This passion is what will keep you going when things get tough because believe me, things will get more tough than you imagined but, if you feel confident in yourself and your business and you push through despite the circumstances you will survive. The key is to be PERSISTENT!
Do not lose sight of your goal and vision, go above and beyond about your business from day one as if is the big corporation that you are expecting it to be, respect your principles and see how others begin to respect yourself and your company in the same way. You do not want to deceive anybody, the way you treat your business is the way your customers, suppliers and the market will treat your business. Reinvest in your company, do not take shortcuts with it because everything you do with it will be rewarded in some way. Meaning, that if you do not take care of it and not reinvest in it, that it will not give back. If you treat it wrong, It will reward you less than what you have given in the beginning.
This passion and respect must be given every day, and if you treat it like a big business, start by creating or writing methods systems and procedures that make your company better every day. Do not just rely on your memory because the difference between self-employed and entrepreneur is the type of income. In the first case, it is 100% linear that is, exchanging time for money. Also depends on you for your skills, your talent is something that you can not pass onto your children.
A company generates revenue even if you’re not working at the company. It does not depend on your talent, it depends more on your vision and guidance to grow and the operational methods and systems anyone can handle making it easier on you.

Difference between entrepreneur, business owner and modern investor

An entrepreneur is one who knows and is aware that they are  running a risk all the time. They have a high degree of risk tolerance and are aware that every decision carries a risk. They are constantly searching for new challenges which are very creative, innovative. They know who, how, where and with whom to seek a solution to the problem. They are tenacious and determined. It takes more by intuition than reason and they are the one who normally undertakes an idea and despite the circumstances, manages to make that idea or dream come true and that is a gift. There are many ideas that never take place, this is why my father taught me that ideas are a dime in a dozen, but just one, just one reality can be of infinite worth and value.
Entrepreneur analyze everything that has to happen to make an idea a reality, all obstacles that could happen, how much time dedicated, how many times they could fail, create drawings and plans, prepare a budget, then ask help to at least show a prototype or a sample. Finally if you realize there are thousands of things that have to be done, more time, more resources, more obstacles, etc.
When you analyze this you will notice that a person who commits themselves to this deserves a huge amount of respect. When they talk about their idea or dream, do not destroy it, help them, guide them, give them information that will help advance their character and initiative to be able to win and succeed.
A Business Owner’s risk tolerance is lower,they likes predictable, stable situations. They do not like surprises and decisions are very calculated and very organized.They plan everything in detail, are very organized and have a corporate vision as someone you can trust, an excellent performer.
A modern investor has the least tolerance for risk. The more calculating things are, the longer they take to make decisions. They work slowly as they are more analytical and have lots of information about an industry or market as they understand the economic trends thoroughly.
What you need to do is make an analysis and determine what your strengths are and where you can develop yourself better.
We talked of commitment, but today we want the reward before doing the work required and that is why there are very few good sales people. Everything has a process, hotcakes require some time in the microwave to be ready and that time is what we must be aware of and pay that price for the prize. They want to simply make two calls and a customer buys and they say it’s easy. That’s why business models are constantly changing in a virtuous or vicious circle and if companies can not find good salespeople to develop technology, systems and marketing procedures, the customers end up taking their sales jobs and therefore the work of a salesman becomes as basic as simply taking orders.
The natural transition today is that the entrepreneur starts an idea and brings it to reality. The successful then born and which is take that tangible results be seen whether this being profitable or not, and then when this begins to walk alone or alone is the time to join, call, hire a business owner or manager and pass the baton so that whoever not risking too much know how to make it successful and profitable. Obviously who help them both at any stage is the modern investor, who depending on the stage involved will know that % or conditions negotiate and that one thing is to invest in a new idea that requires more risk and therefore deserves a higher return likewise when the business is in the growth stage and decreased risk and therefore the return must be less.

Two final tips

If we sort in alphabetical order the word prize and price we will realize that that first is the price and then the prize. Entrepreneur must first sweat and suffer and if you take shortcuts, you will have a hard time getting the prize or reward. Believe me, after 55 years it’s  very clear that you cannot ask your car to drive you around to make sales and promise to refuel it after you are done making the sales. It simply does not work .
The difference between an ordinary person and an extraordinary is just that little “extra”. If you want to be extraordinary, you have to put that extra in every day and with only a 1% improvement every day, at the end of the year you will notice that you would have improved 365%
There is no excuses to accomplish what you propose, you have everything, an easy path, you live in a great country where the social elevator still exists and works.
Where liberty can exercise to the point of confusion with debauchery.No matter your social status, your ethnic race, you can reach the height that you dream.
Finally I finish with this thought I’ve read someplace several years ago
The Distracted stumbled on it.
The violent used it as a projectile.
The contractor, used it to build.
The peasant, tired, used it as a seat.
The child, used as a toy.
Drummond, used it as inspiration.
David used it to kill Goliath.
And Michelangelo, took out a beautiful sculpture.
In all these cases, the difference was not in stone but in the man.
There is no “stone” in your way that can not work for your own growth
Please do not ever complain or seek any excuse, just work hard!


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