What the coworking industry is NOT

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Coworking industry is a modern concept to help business entrepreneurs to develop their business; it has exploded as have others and it’s exciting to know that there are more and more every day and fortunately VenturePoint belongs to is buoyant industry since 2007

I have had the fortune to be an entrepreneur since 1985, and also I have had the opportunity to perform 3 successful businesses since then, and I think I already have a very clear idea of what it means to be an entrepreneur. The three times I have participated in business in innovative industries; in 1985 I had a distribution of personal computers; then in 1991 a Telemarketing Agency; and now in this Coworking Industry, so I think it’s my duty as a member of this industry write this blog. Not trying to be negative, my goal is the opposite help this industry continue to grow organically and helping others that the chances of success are greater. So I wrote what I think is NOT the coworking industry.
The coworking industry is a modern concept to help business entrepreneurs to develop their business; it has exploded as have others and it’s exciting to know that there are more and more every day and fortunately VenturePoint belongs to is buoyant industry since 2007.
My experience in this industry has been very positive and I’ve learned so much that can assure that I had never learned so much in such a short time. In this industry, you have to learn to diversify your experience and learn from business, real estate, marketing, administration, public relations, technology, etc etc.
After more than 9 years of developing this business where I have also had the opportunity to open 4 units in San Antonio, and collaborate on other two; I have also learned about being passionate about your business but what frustrates me the most is to see those who believe that this business is done with what’s leftover from neighbors and friends and it is a simple business with a little investment.
This is the best proof that they do not know what this industry is, and even worse is that they do not even know what it means to be an entrepreneur.
Coworking is more than open an office with a table bought at Sam’s, an internet connection, a coffee maker and making a club of friends through a website.
This is very far from reality. Maybe sounds easy but I am sure this is very laborious. (In San Antonio we are not more than 10, 4 have failed already and just a few are profitable)
Maybe it will be better to explain what the coworking industry is NOT:
1.- It is not an improvised environment, that is poorly done; You have to offer a pleasant environment that inspires people to work, collaborate and get motivated to develop their career.
2.- It is not a branch of Goodwill; you have to offer good quality furniture, ergonomic, comfortable, clean, durable …… let’s say, something better than what you have at home.
3.- It is not dirty; It must always be clean and spotless.
4.- It is not a Self Service; there must be someone responsible to help customers with small details and large orders.
5.- It is not Museum of Antiquities; although sometimes you want to give a “cool touch”, you have to offer modern, cutting-edge technology, that is, consistent with this modern concept.
In a nutshell, it is like trying to open a restaurant and then offering leftovers or food waste from other restaurants.
Respect to our market, this is who makes our dreams come true, do not offer waste, we run the risk that this will pay us the same waste back.
Seek excellence, not mediocrity.


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