Handling your mail properly

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Venture point mail handling

Are you sure that you are receiving 100% of your correspondence?

Do you know how many business opportunities you are losing because you do not handle the mail properly?

Do you know the legal implications of mail?


Are you handling your mail properly?

Mail is a communication vehicle, a basic tool in the development of the human being and has evolved at par. So it is not obsolete and I do not believe it will become obsolete. It has evolved from the oral message when there was no print media, and I mean during the pre-Hispanic era.

The Aztecs and the Mayans used it in a very efficient way and made a message arrive from the port of Veracruz to Mexico City in less than 24 hours. Today, an email reaches you in fractions of a second.


My experience in handling traditional mail comes from 1991 when I handled volumes in excess of 20 million pieces annually, in my direct marketing agency; which by the way was one of the most important for the Mexican postal service for 14 years, but it was in those years that my passion for this medium of communication was born.


When one emigrates from another country, for some mystical reason, one makes many comparisons and in my case, my main comparison was of the mail.


Since 1991, I had the opportunity to talk and get to know the USPS closely and realize why communications is what helps the development of a country and I think the US is the perfect example. It is a country where communications are highly developed and that has been one of the reasons why this country is an economic power in the world.


USPS manages more than 50% of the world’s mail, it is part of the American culture and therefore, they take it for granted as a natural thing.


It must be understood that there are many things that we must take into account, from the legal point of view, federal, and even the simple fact of who opens a letter.


Thanks to our experience in both countries, we can offer safe and responsible handling of the mail for the benefit of our customers. We are not only employees who classify pieces of mail, that is easy and anyone can do it. We know the importance of each piece of mail for each client:


Discretion and Confidentiality.

The security of delivering it in the right hands.


Storage and Destruction.

The liability to receive it in our facilities.


We know what each of the additional USPS services mean and therefore we understand the proper handling of each.


With this in mind, we maintain a communication with USPS so that we have updates on the services, rates, new procedures that this institution releases. Also, we are looking for systems that help us communicate to each of our clients, more efficiently. The type of correspondence that is received in our units is not the same thing to receive a letter from IRS as receiving an advertised postcard of a local bank. Almost 85% of the IRS letters we receive for our clients, they ask us to scan that piece, on the contrary when we receive a piece of marketing from a retail store, they ask us to destroy it.


As for the other carriers like FEDEX, DHL, LSO, we also seek to be up-to-date in their procedures to deliver these packages at our facilities, sign for them, be aware of the fragility etc. We have a historic record of not a single complaint in our 9 years of being operational.


Finally and most important is to highlight our collaboration with Google My Business that we have just started, because learning how it has changed this platform to advertise the business and knowing the importance of the address of our customers in Google is that we are planning to make the necessary changes that result in a better positioning of our clients in this search engine.



The handling of the mail is not only waiting for the postman to arrive and leave the piece on your desk; That can impact your business negatively, the mail is a very basic tool but nowadays very sophisticated, because it has legal implications by the way of handling; Or commercial, for not appearing properly on Google.


By Luis Escobar


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