Stone Oak Remodeling: Good news!

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Space for virtual office by VenturePoint in San Antonio

Good news!


Excellence is a virtue, a talent or quality; it is what is extraordinarily good and what exalts ordinary rules. It is also a goal for the performance standard and something perfect.


VenturePoint is always striving for excellence and with our members’ feedback in mind, in November 2016 we started remodeling our location at Stone Oak with the sole aim of making our members feel more comfortable and productive in their own work space.  We now offer an option for the many ways the modern day professional works, whether that be working on a tablet in our lounge area, sitting in one of our private offices or stopping in for a few hours to work from one of our seated or standing height open work stations.


The reason we made this investment is for the benefit of our customers as we recognize that it is thanks to them that we can continue to grow in Texas.


Not only do we care that they have options to choose from, we also care that they are the best options in the market. We decided to choose  CBI Group  as our supplier since the quality of the furniture was the best we found and even better, was the service they provided. In addition to that, the philosophy of excellence was another point that united us.


This furniture, in addition to its excellent aesthetic design, is ergonomically designed for a better human experience. 


In the pursuit of excellenceVenturePoint does not treat our customers by buying second hand furniture, we buy the best that is on the marketAt VenturePoint, we believe our customers deserve the best.


A few highlights from the remodeling include:

  • Coworking Space:  Improved ​​co-working space, now offering 12 work stations.
  • Conference Room:  Completely remodeled with a huge 4′ X 8′ whiteboard and a 70″ touchscreen display with the most advanced technology to make presentations that really impact your audience.
  • Storage Room :  More space for your packages to be kept safely.
  • Technology:  Increased the bandwidth of internet connection to 300 mbps as well as 2 new TV’s in the common areas.
  • Motivating Environment:  We’ve designed a modern and contemporary environment, which invites you to develop your work more positively – located throughout the space are motivational and creative quotes that make your VenturePoint experience more pleasant, efficient and convenient.


All this sounds like a fantasy to the mobile entrepreneur, so it’s best that you come to know our location at Stone Oak and see for yourself. Take a tour and experience the space that more than 100 members currently utilize as a flexible work space – reducing the costs of their businesses and increasing their sales by belonging to this network of successful entrepreneurs.


By Luis Escobar


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