Do you really love your Flexible Workspace? Valentine’s Day

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Flexible workspaces by VenturePoint in san antonio

Valentines’ Day is when husbands send their wives flowers.  It’s also when friends share cards, perhaps some candy and some positive expressions about their relationship.


But what about your professional work place?  Do you really love working there? 


I’ve been operating several co-working space facilities in Texas for more than 10 years.  Yet, I have traveled to other part of the U.S. and Mexico to observe other operations.   Here’s how your typical mobile entrepreneur can determine if she/he loves working outside her/his home in a professional co-working space.


First, of course, an excellent Flexible Workspace doesn’t have loud music or a three-year-old looking over one’s shoulder while you’re responding to a client’s question via email.


Next, what about a conference room that allows someone to hold a meeting or make a PowerPoint presentation?  Imagine, if you will, trying to give a product demo at your local  Einstein Bagels or Starbucks. Then, your computer has an issue because there isn’t a place to plug in a laptop.


What kind of work equipment do they provide?  Furniture matters in a good Flexible workspace.  I’ve seen one place in Las Vegas where they provided lawn chairs as their work standard. Professional facilities provide ergonomically designed desks and chairs for those who have to sit for several hours. (Check our Stone Oak Location)


Technology capability is also important to a mobile entrepreneur.  He doesn’t want to have to ask the coffee shop owner to reset the Wi-fi.  Nor, he is not competing with the two women who are having a cup of coffee and catching up on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” on their tablet.  An excellent co-working space has the bandwidth to support a lot of people’s business operations. 


Can you pick up mail or a package?  Sure, there are alternative places that pick up your mail and sign for a package.  But do they contact you via text or phone when something important arrives for your pickup?  Add the address factor where it’s an address such as 21750 Hard Oak Boulevard instead of Suite 452, 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  Trust me, a lot of executives can sense if someone’s getting their mail at a local UPS store with addresses where the suite number is above 100.


If you live in south Texas and need a professional work setting that you want to adore, contact me.  Or, if you are an investor who wants to create a similar work environment in Dallas, Houston or Mexico, please contact me.


By Luis Escobar


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