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Meeting Space in San Antonio by VenturePoint

Problem solvers is not something that most of our clients at VenturePoint would immediately say to others about us, but I would like for you to understand that it’s one of those quiet roles we have assumed for a lot of our customers.


Consider one law firm with a beautiful conference room that their team uses at best 25%. Not only is such a situation a cost issue, but it’s a marketing one as well.


VenturePoint fixed that problem for them by leasing their unused time for other businesses who need a professional meeting space. By taking over their booking roles for their meeting room, we will increase revenue considerably. The business typically had specific times for using their facility.  We immediately blocked out those times. If a last-minute need arises, we will work with the other customers to find an alternative space to hold their meeting.


Not only are they getting new revenue, but it gives potential customers an opportunity to interact with their team.  Will that immediately lead to business?  Perhaps not….but one never knows.


This is how we have found a parallel service where we help other companies with our experience and our systems.


We are currently helping a couple of companies reduce their office overhead, increasing the service level and therefore productivity, in short, a comprehensive solution for general offices.


What we basically do is making your space and your office resources more productive, including …. receive a cash by using the dead time of your conference room.


Those who benefit from this service ideally are real estate brokers, lawyers, accountants and general office services.


So, if your organization has a large conference room that doesn’t have full capacity, and your operation needs someone to manage the booking aspect for us, contact me.   Not only can we help you book unused meeting space, but we offer a variety of other services.  Let us surprise your organization with the expertise to address them for you.


By Luis Escobar


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