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VenturePoint Excellence

As always, we are continuously aiming to provide better service to our customers. We are constantly innovating and looking for ways, tools, and devices to make our customers feel like they have everything they could possibly need in their own shared office space.


We recently purchased a 70″ TV with touchscreen so the presentations of our clients are much more effective and impressive, but at the same time easier to do as well. This screen has an integrated computer so you do not even have to bring your own computer, you just have to upload your document or create your presentation from an application in the cloud on the internet. An even better feature is that you can make notes with your finger and mark sections that you want to highlight of your presentation. The best part? You can even print what is on display and hand it out to your attendees. Great, right?


For those who wish to have 100% of their attendee’s attention so that there are no distractions. We created a charging station basket for cell phones so that they can put their phones in there and they can be recharged at the same time. This way, you offer them an incentive, placing their phones in there and receiving a full battery once done all while they give you 100% attention on your presentation. Very good, right?


Suddenly need to make a note or write something down? We have arranged several boards throughout the workplace with a variety of post-its. All different sizes and colors for your convenience, you just have to start using them, they are for your use. Convenient, right?


Business Cards Scanner;  We have also invested in this device since we know that one of the strategies we all use to increase our business is to attend networking events, however, the main problem is the follow-up. You have all these new contacts but the information is not in a digital format and for this reason, we have a scanner where you can scan your cards within minutes and have all the information readily available. Very efficient, right?


We have an efficient​ and reliable security system that allows us to have surveillance cameras at the entrance of each unit to offer peace of mind to our clients knowing they can work freely and focus while feeling safe and protected ​at our locations​. Safe no?


Throughout our entire workspace, we​ ​have ​multiple energy plug-ins conveniently located so you do not have to crouch ​ or look for long cables ​. This enables you ​to ​easily connect your computer and cell phone right by your side as you work.​ ​Convenient right? ​


Do you have special requirements? Do you have diabetes and require special snacks? Do you just drink some kind of soda? Do you use a special pen color? Do you require certain specific office items? No problem, VenturePoint takes care of those details, just let us know what they are and as far as we can, we will take care of those needs. Cool, right?


Have a meeting with your customers and need to print  your contract or quote from your mobile device, tablet or smartphone?  Not to worry, here at VenturePoint, we have an application that gives you the ability to conveniently print from any mobile device saving you time. VenturePoint provides all necessary tools to have complete freedom as a real mobile entrepreneur. Handily, isn’t it?


And we will continue to look for more innovations to improve our office spaces just for you.  Our aim and intention are to keep up with the technological advances and business techniques to keep your office up to date. And this is something you can leave to us because we know helping our business only improves your business, therefore, Your success is our success.


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