Next Generation of the Digital Workplace

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Digital Workspace

It’s not about changing your lifestyle, it’s about taking advantage of technology to save time and improve the image of your company​ and be more efficient.


Tremendous forces are converging to radically transform the “future of work” and the enterprise workplace as every company becomes a digital company and every worker becomes a digital knowledge worker. Every worker and every workplace will be impacted by emerging human to machine “cognitive” technologies and accelerating digital transformation.


Something I always talk about with my members is about how technology, flexibility and adaptability play a very important role in their business today, to survive and be successful.


Technology has been the culprit to create this volatile environment in a business that it does not give us time to understand it. Just 10 years ago, the iPhone was launched, in 2007 nobody talked about disruption, innovation and entrepreneurship as much as they do nowadays. Nobody even imagined that there would be companies like Uber and Airbnb, barely in 10 years.


When you are an entrepreneur and you live in this volatile environment, and when I say volatile, I mean so strong, fast and voracious, as a CEO or business owner, you only have to be flexible and adapt quickly to survive and be successful.


That’s why the missing piece of the puzzle for modern entrepreneurs is unfortunately the landlords, they are far behind in their business models in the workspace.


To create a business or to develop an existing one, it basically requires:

1) The talent of the person or creativity

2) A device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or a computer)

3) Secure internet access

4) Access to the cloud

5) A physical space to work.


The problem is that while devices, the internet and the cloud are becoming more accessible and cheaper, physical space has not kept up with that trend. Real estate continues to live in a rigid world of more than 100 years old with contracts from 3 to 5 years, trying to connect sqft with furniture and fixtures avoiding flexibility at all costs and not connecting spaces with persons.


The changing nature of the way we work has changed the way asset value is created,which in turn changes the way space is built, serviced and operated. The workplace of the future requires integrated technology and service and will operate much like a full-service hotel, with the sleeping rooms swapped out for desks and workspace.


Modern entrepreneurs have been born in this environment of flexibility, for them it is natural, that is why when a landlord shows them a contract for more than 3 years, they do not even bother to come back. They are even not even looking for this option, it is the last thing they seek. It’s more about looking for a space when your company requires it and looking for flexibility first and foremost.


This is what I call, Adaptability, because they know that if you sign a 3 or 5-year contract the risk is very high and that’s why Starbucks and local cafes are full of professionals and businessmen working and running business meetings.


The main reason they choose these places is because of flexibility and convenience, although they also know that it is NOT the best place for that as they have many disadvantages such as a lot of noise, there is NO PRIVACY, they do not have the tools to make a professional presentation, they do not represent their business well, there is no secure internet connection and the image of your company is devalued at each appointment.


Can you imagine finding a workspace with:​

1.- Easy access, no elevators, no receptionist, etc.

2.- Enough parking​.​

3.- A secure internet connection.

4.- All the coffee, drinks and snacks included​

5.- Access to meeting and training rooms.

6.- Locations strategically located​ in San Antonio.​

7.- A Pay as you stay.

8.- And to be treated as the head of the office


This way you can grow your business under Flexible Workspace to adapt to the new business environment.VenturePoint is the only place in San Antonio that offers these options, ​BUT …. There is nothing better than experiencing it for yourself.


Take Tour and try work today!


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