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Venture Point 10 year anniversary

10 years is easy to say, but VenturePoint has many experiences to tell.

When did VenturePoint really start?


Like any other company, there are many dates that you can take as a reference; the day you registered it legally in the state, the day you opened the doors for the first time, or day you made your first sale, in short, there are many dates.

In our case, VenturePoint also has many dates. My first example is the day I came up with the idea and decided to find a solution for mobile entrepreneurs when I could not find an office where I could restart my marketing agency in this city.

Or rather, the day I finished writing the business plan to find the right investor. That could also be considered another date.

Due to specific situations, we decided to buy a building to start this new adventure and in July 2007, we bought the building on Huebner road which was delivered in October 2007, and for that reason we were able to open the doors in April of 2008 giving a start to what was called Huebner Business Center Inc. These are also other considerable dates.

There is another possible date, which could be after having opened Huebner Business Center, I realized that the business center business is not exactly what I expected from this business. In 2009, I then took on the task of doing market research at a national level about the incipient Co-Working Space industry.

So I had to modify our business plan and take a drastic turn, and in 2010, I created a new brand to start what is now known as VenturePoint.

In July 2012, we opened our first location in the Medical Center and then in 2014, we opened our Stone Oak location. The rest you already know.

I think the date of April 2008 of when we opened for the first time is the one that really makes the difference. It is one thing to have a dream and quite another to see it in reality and to see it grow successfully is another experience.

That is why we have always had April 2008 as the date that VenturePoint was born.

I have had to face many problems. We had to invent an industry and show the community our own personality. In short, everything has been a challenge as any new industry that seeks accommodation in this world.

Why do I mention this? because VenturePoint has managed to overcome these problems and that is why we are growing. The growth is slow but we are stomping, and building a business that will last another 50 years and that will transcend several generations. Without pause, but without hurry.

When you have such a big vision, you create a business culture where wealth will automatically be generated for our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our neighbors, our friends, our city of San Antonio and likewise for the State of Texas and for this country.

At VenturePoint, we do not seek an egotistical wealth of money, we seek to establish a new business ideology that modifies the entrepreneurial attitude and that helps us to be better entrepreneurs and leaders, where we are really thinking about, what to offer to the community with which we live and serve in a ecosystem that includes the personal development of the cells of the social tissue… the individuals.

I thank the city of San Antonio, Texas and this country for the privilege and especially the opportunity they are giving me to make my dream come true, 10 years ago.

We will continue to see each other for the next 50 years.

Happy 10 year anniversary VenturePoint!

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