Very busy does not mean very successful

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I usually attend 2 or 3 Mixer Networking a week and I usually meet people who say they are looking to increase their business and are hoping to find the sale of the day.


The funny thing is that recently I needed the services of those people who attend the mixers and it turns out that they do not answer my calls, nor the emails, the excuse is the usual one, “I’m very busy; I’ll look for you next week ” and that day never comes.


This attitude moves me further away from them because I think … if right now, before hiring their services, they are not interested in me; What will happen when I become a client of them?


The reality is that they are pseudo entrepreneurs with a lack of capacity to organize themselves and who do not know how to manage their time and because the amount of work they have (since they do not know how to delegate it) has exceeded their limited capacity.


Their tax return shows little or no progress. Although they will always tell you that they are doing very well.


But, why don’t they ever have time? Because they confuse activity with productivity.


When you’re an entrepreneur – a real one – you must continue to create, develop, and innovate. What you should not be doing is executing the same task over and over again. If you are doing the same task over and over again you are not an entrepreneur,  you are what is called self-employed, which is the worst thing that can happen to you because you do not have the benefits of an employee but neither those of a business owner.


A self-employed person is the insurance salesman, the realtor, the CPA, the lawyer, the doctor, etc. and yes, although they earn a good amount of money, they usually do not have time; if you realize, they are really exchanging time for money and in most of the time they reach a limit that they can not grow anymore. Why? Because they have not created a company, a system.


What to do to avoid falling into this social trap? Here are 4 tips to avoid it.


1.- Prepare, educate, and learn more

Do not invest your time in social networks, trying to have more likes, better read a book that teaches you how to improve, take seminars, research the internet, learn something new about your business, etc.


2.- See your business as a business and not as self-employment.

Your business must work with methods systems and procedures, this way everything will flow harmoniously, thus foreseeing the crises that recur at a certain time of the year or whenever all the clients come together at the same time.


3.- Develop your skill as a real CEO of your company.

Your function is to foresee and plan the best performance of your company, to be up-to-date on the progress in your industry, to look for how to grow your business, but not to be filling the clients’ forms, not to be capturing or repeating the same task or activity again and again.


4.- Develop a strong and solid Marketing platform.

This tip is the most important and the one that makes the real difference and the activity that may take you years to develop it because without it you will not be able to enjoy the freedom that being an entrepreneur offers you.


In a few words when creating a company you should always keep in mind and as I always say, that your company should work without you, it should grow with your guide, it should give you inspiration to be able to help this society, it should give you time to think and create.


A true businessman exercises the brain more than the muscle.


Maybe you have never thought about the difference between being an entrepreneur and being self-employed. But that, that’s another story.


Posted by Luis Escobar on 28th February 2018


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