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work oasis for mobile entrepreneurs at VenturePoint in San Antonio
Talk to any public school teacher, and many will tell you that they love the sound of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” playing on their school’s public address system.


For parents, the start of summer can create some havoc for those who work at home most of the time. Those six or so hours of quiet time can be interrupted by the need to feed younger children and to deal with disputes on ownership of a video game system.


At VenturePoint, we provide a work oasis for mobile entrepreneurs and other telecommuters.  Our policy is very straightforward on children, as we do not allow it at our two facilities.


That means our customers can know they’ll have a work environment without children.  To us, that means a work setting that allows our clients to concentrate on their work.


Workers, who face the addition of a summer filled with children, should look for baby sitting alternatives.  We recommend that parents look to the Internet for sitters who have completed their Red Cross safety course.


Another option for two adult parents is to work out a system where one adult takes a few hours at a specific time, allowing the other to supervise their younger children.


With our 24 hour availability, VenturePoint can set up a working arrangement where parents can work early in the morning or after normal hours.


Please feel free to contact us about work options for the summer.  We’ll work with you to make your work time more productive.



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