A Subtle shift in Meeting Objectives

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According with a research conducted by IACC Meeting Room of the Future; the objectives we plan today are truly focused on education, networking, creating opportunities to obtain new business, and creating a more experiential/interactive memorable experience for the attendees.

The meetings from 5 years ago were mostly about education and networking. It is much, much more than that today.


The confluence of advancements in technology, demands of incoming generations, and tighter budgets across the industry are subtly shifting the objective and goals, as well as how they are achieved, in the meetings industry. Meeting planners are largely pointing towards attendee engagement, away from presentation and lecturing style meetings to interactive sessions to create memorable experiences.


According to a 2017 study conducted by Steelcase, 60% of workplaces are measuring productivity by how much work employees are producing while only 33% measure productivity by creative thinking and idea generation. 77% of workers believe that in the future, creativity will be a critical job skill and 76% believe that emerging technologies will change their job.


Further recommends that simultaneously, conference venue management must embrace the diversity of thought and culture and consider the experience of remote attendees in foreign geographies. This will inevitably improve the mobility of experiences as companies move rapidly to more secure, cloud based infrastructures. Cloud based technology will connect an ecosystem of people through devices that make sharing creative ideas an expectation rather than a hindrance.



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