Entrepreneur or Natural Selection

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It is true that if you say to your friends that you are an entrepreneur, it sounds very cool, and success stories of entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg sound very attractive as a fairy tale for everyone, but … Is your reality?

These stories have always existed, for example the heroes of fairy tales, have been recreated from real events, but that does not mean that everyone is the brave prince or the successful entrepreneur.


If that were the case, we would all be heroes and then … against who would we fight? or if we were all entrepreneurs, who would write the programming codes of FaceBook? who would take the accounting? Who would answer the emails?


Being a entrepreneur does NOT solve the problems of your income.


We all need everyone, because the human being is as complicated and individual as each individual on this planet, that is why it does not make sense that now everyone wants to be entrepreneurs.
This can lead to frustration and generate self confidence problems.


The security in your job depends on yourself; when you as a person update your knowledge and acquire and offer value to the company.


I believe that part of self improvement has nothing to do with the idea of ​​being an entrepreneur, it has to do with being a better human being, improving everyday in an ongoing basis.


If you search every day to learn more in your area of ​​expertise, if you are looking to be a better employee, a better father, a better citizen, you will never have problems losing your income, because of your ability, not only academic, but also practical and real. You will be valuable by the company or organization so that your services as collaborator/employee are those who have a solution for any problem; or the ability to overcome a difficult situation for the company/organization for which you work.


Honestly; not all of us can or should be entrepreneurs and certainly not all entrepreneurs are exceptional, but in this world there are also exceptional employees and mediocre employees, there are exceptional partners and regular partners, there are exceptional advisers and common advisors … the point is that we must recognize our talents, exceptional virtues and abilities, to become experts, discover in them our passion.


Forget about being an entrepreneur or employee, the question you must ask yourself every day is;
Have I acquired a formal knowledge today that will help me be better in my profession? or to be a better human being?


When was the last time you read a personal improvement book or about your profession?


If you do not educate yourself and acquire formal knowledge every day, you will never be that exceptional entrepreneur, that exceptional father, that exceptional friend, that exceptional husband, that exceptional employee and your income will always be at risk.


On the contrary, if you educate yourself day by day, you will be an exceptional human being in whatever your vocation/occupation is.


An exceptional person always and will always be a key piece of any organization, will be valued and retained, but the most important thing is that he will be a happy human being for having found himself.


So the goal is not to be an entrepreneur; It is more like finding your vocation and giving yourself up to be an exceptional person.


A happy and complete employee is better than a frustrated and bitter entrepreneur.



Posted by Luis Escobar on 19th October, 2018


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