At 2 a.m. most U.S. residents will be moving their clocks back an hour to mark the end of  Daylight Saving Time.
Yes, that’s right: Clock confusion is upon us yet again.


Not all states, however, will observe the  time change. Residents of Arizona, Hawaii and U.S. territories like Puerto Rico, Guam and the  Virgin Islands will remain on their normal schedules.
According to Time and, about 75 countries and territories have at least one location that  observed Daylight Saving Time this year and will be  implementing the changeover this fall. However, the website notes that “countries, territories and states sometimes make adjustments that are announced just days or weeks ahead of the change.”


In the U.S., the upcoming time shift is part of a longstanding tradition in which most residents set  their clocks ahead an hour in the spring (“spring forward”) and  turn them back an hour as winter approaches (“fall back”).
This means that come  Sunday  morning on  Nov 4th , many U.S. residents will have had an extra hour of shut-eye.
Posted by Luis Escobar on 29th October, 2018