Modern Office Facilities for San Antonio-Area Freelancers

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Venture Point work Spaces and Conference hall in San Antonio

Many SA freelancers work from home or wherever they can find some free Wi-Fi on the run, like a Starbucks, McDonalds, or Barnes and Noble.


Working from home is OK, unless or until you need to meet with prospects or customers in a professional environment. Having them visit you in your “home office” isn’t always cool or desirable. Suggesting you meet at a neutral location, like a restaurant or coffee shop, may also not be ideal and may send the wrong message about that business you are trying to close with them.


Working where free Wi-Fi exists has disadvantages too. Sure, they are all over town, but there is typically little or no privacy. If you’re lucky, there is an open table or chair available or you have to wait until someone gives up their space. Even then, you’re likely to be balancing your computer on your lap or working it from a strange angle, since the table and chair aren’t always at the optimum heights.


If your business requires some time, it’s awkward to be “that person” the other customers wish would “find an office to work in somewhere.” And then there is the risk that the Wi-Fi is unsecured and anyone with the right know-how can “see” what you’re doing or hijack/hack your system, not to mention you might pick up viruses. Most small businesses keep all their business on a computer. Could you handle it if your laptop/smartphone/tablet was stolen, deleted, or blocked by a virus?


And when you work from home or on the run, you have to constantly worry about logistics. Do I have the right equipment to do my business? Is it modern? Does it have the necessary supplies like paper, ink, paperclips, pens, stapler/staples, tape, you name it? How about your business address? Is it a post office box? Did you know some companies won’t deliver to post office boxes? And speaking of post offices, how do you handle receiving and sending your mail or packages? Do you keep a supply of mailing supplies somewhere? How about stamps? Are your packages at risk of being stolen by “porch pirates?” Is it a hassle when you need to send packages? The list of concerns goes on and on…


Well, now there is a low-cost, economical solution to all these problems SA freelance business professionals face. It’s called the VenturePoint Start-Up Co-Working space in San Antonio for Modern Entrepreneurs (Start-Up). VenturePoint offers professional, modern, well-appointed workspaces for SA freelance business professionals. They currently feature two accessible locations: one in the Medical Center Area and one near Sonterra Blvd and Highway 281. You can use them for your formal business address.


Each location features a receptionist, and private and open office workspaces with a professional atmosphere. We even have a large conference room at each location and have arrangements for other large conference rooms around town, should you need one. They are all supported with secure, high-speed Internet, video, large screens, and printers. Most office supplies are available, including everything you would need to send or receive mail and packages. When something arrives for you, the receptionist will sign for and receive it, notify you according to your wishes, and keep it safe until you can pick it up. When you have sensitive papers than need to be destroyed securely, we have that covered too. We also provide a kitchen suite with free bottled water, sodas, coffee, and snacks for you and your guests. We like to think we have thought of everything a SA freelance business professional could need, but if you have a requirement for something we don’t happen to offer, talk to us about it and we will see what we can do.


Our Start-Up program starts at $98/month. It includes unlimited access to our common work areas and all the amenities. Additional products and services, such as more private workspaces, can be added on at reasonable fees. Just ask us about what you need.


If you are tired of scrambling to find a meeting space for your prospects and customers that gives them the sense they are dealing with a professional or risking your business ventures through an unsecured Wi-Fi connection at some random local business that doesn’t really accommodate your needs, then the Start-Up program is for you. Imagine yourself working out of a professional office, greeted each day by a receptionist who is ready to support your business needs, containing all the modern conveniences and technologies, and at your disposal whenever you need them, all for a reasonable monthly price.


Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not and I wholeheartedly invite you to schedule a visit and check us out to either, or both locations, today. Just go to and sign up. I would love to show you around and answer all your questions.


Come see what we at VenturePoint are so proud to provide to our SA Freelance Business Professionals!


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