How Seniors Can Turn Setbacks into a Thriving Small Business

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Starting small business

When you were planning for retirement, you may not have planned to start a new career. For a growing number of seniors, however, going back to work is the only way to make ends meet. When financial concerns cause you to seek employment after retirement, you don’t have to settle for a job you don’t like. Instead, why not think about starting your own business? Here are a few perfect business ideas that can help seniors weather retirement setbacks.

Sell Homes as a Real Estate Agent

Being retired typically means having more freedom, so consider starting a business that offers the income you need, with the flexibility you crave. Becoming a real estate agent can be a perfect career move for seniors looking to step back into the workforce. You will need to obtain your license to start selling properties, but courses generally take a few weeks (although some can take up to one year to complete). Getting your license and working with a reputable brokerage takes the guesswork out of running a successful startup, which can be valuable for seniors looking for a low-stress way to earn extra income. Selling real estate also offers seniors a chance to socialize with other people, another perk of breaking into the industry.

Start a Gig as a Professional Pet Sitter

If your prefer the company of pets over people, there are still a couple of ways to pad your retirement income. More and more families are looking for quality pet-sitting and dog-walking services for their furry family members. Online companies like Rover make it super simple for seniors to get started with their own pet sitting business, and there are so many flexible opportunities to choose from. You can board dogs (or cats) in your home, drop in on pets in their own home, or provide house-sitting services while owners are out of town. If you’re not up for watching pets overnight, think about offering your services as a dog walker to keep active pups exercised during the day. Spending time with animals is a great way for seniors to de-stress, but staying active can also decrease health issues such as stroke and heart disease.

Look Into Freelance Writing Opportunities

Have a way with words? There are endless opportunities for freelance writers to generate extra income these days. Just spend some time building your portfolio using your own website or a few writing samples, and then start reaching out to companies, organizations, and individuals within your targeted interest area. Seniors who have writing skills can connect with potential clients or even check out some freelance job sites online as well. Writing allows you to work from just about anywhere, which means you’ll still be able to take those vacations during retirement without sacrificing your business in the process. Some popular websites are even looking for articles focused on retirement, which gives seniors with retirement experience and knowledge a decided edge over other freelancers.

Offer Homemade Arts and Crafts Online

Many seniors look forward to spending their retirement on their favorite hobbies. If making arts and crafts is a hobby of yours, you could have a way to make some extra cash as well. Setting up a shop online with Etsy is a fairly simple process, and you can sell just about anything you make. From knitted scarves to wood working to custom pet paintings, shoppers are always looking for something special, and you can make and sell as many —  or as little — as you like. If you are looking for a way to get out of the house, you can also think about selling your goods locally as well. Flea markets, craft shows, and farmers markets are perfect places for entrepreneurs to get a start, and seniors will have a chance to connect with other people in the community as well. If you have to work after retirement, why not make it worthwhile? Owning your own small business will help you create the income you need while giving the satisfaction of being your own boss. So, don’t let this setback sidetrack your golden years!
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