Reduce Stress in 2019: Tips for Being a More Effective Business Owner

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. Living with the wear and tear is dangerous to your health and a miserable way to operate. If your New Year’s resolution is to better manage stress, consider these stress-reducing tips that can help you keep working toward your goals

Business owners live under intense pressure. Your company’s profitability and growth is directly tied to the job security of those you’ve hired, and to your family’s financial security as well as your professional reputation and sense of well-being. That’s a lot of responsibility and a lot to live up to. To succeed, you need to learn how to live with stress, and that means learning to cope with its physical and mental strain.As a business owner, there are physical as well as professional ramifications of feeling overwhelmed, because stress is bad for your health. Living with the wear and tear is dangerous to your health and a miserable way to operate. If your New Year’s resolution is to better manage stress, consider these stress-reducing tips that can help you keep working toward your goals.Broaden your perspectiveIt’s frustrating when things don’t go your way. Rest assured something will go wrong at some point in your career. You’ll miss out on winning a piece of new business, or an employee will make a critical mistake. Whatever the cause, it’s important to remember it’s not the end of the world. You’ll recover and go on, because you’re good at what you do and the idea that spawned an exciting new business is still a good one.One of the worst things you can do is to set impossible standards for yourself and others. Everyone needs to do their job, but demanding absolute perfection all the time will only leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed. This year, work on resetting your perspective. Begin by focusing on what’s going well instead, and foster an attitude of gratitude toward the people who make your company successful.Know your triggersIf your employees live with the constant fear of making a mistake because of how you’ll react, it’s time to change how you respond to stimuli. That starts with recognizing and understanding your triggers, and learning not to react with negative behavior. Try keeping a list of things that make you angry and how you reacted so you can anticipate stressors and change how you respond to them. It’ll help reduce stress for you and those who work for you.Set boundariesInteracting with people is a big part of running a business. You’re talking with clients, employees, merchants, community leaders, and friends on a daily basis, all the while trying to keep up with your family’s lives and needs. Those business interactions can easily intrude into your private life – the time you need for yourself. As a business owner, you need to make self-care a priority, so don’t allow anyone to interfere when you’re unwinding with a book or making time for a relaxing walk through the woods. That’s your time, and it’s critically important if you’re serious about reducing stress, so protect it by learning to say “no.”Relaxation timeYour mind and body need time for rest, away from the demands of your job and the needs of others. Without it, you can’t function at a high level, which is essential for a business owner who depends on personal stamina and creativity every day. If you don’t have an hour to spare for a full lunch, set aside 20 minutes during the day to meditate and breathe deeply in a quiet room with relaxing music playing. Meditation is widely accepted as an effective response to stress – but you can’t do it with a phone ringing or people walking in and out. Your office should be out of bounds while you meditate, or find an unused office or conference room that’s just yours for the time.Other techniquesSelf-care involves a number of factors that touch on every aspect of your health. Alleviating stress requires that you eat healthy by maintaining a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and whole grain foods; getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night so your body can heal and self-rejuvenate; and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, always an excellent way to reduce stress and stay healthy.If you’re a business owner, there’s a lot riding on your skill and initiative. But unless you can find a way to manage stress, your ability to positively impact your company’s fortunes may be impaired. This year, reorient your perspective and prioritize self-care as you work to realize your goals for 2019.
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