3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Office Space

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Ventura Point Office space in San Antonio

Dear Entrepreneur, 

We have been talking to different office space users this month asking what their favorite benefit at the office is and what they look for when choosing an office. These were the top three answers: 



Being able to park close to the office is something we were surprised to hear was a huge factor for entrepreneurs. It makes sense that one does not want to struggle with the venture of finding a parking spot to get to the office. Paying for parking every day in order to go to work should not be a part of the hassle. A smooth transition from the car to the office is a dream for many, and a privilege for most. This is great news for VenturePoint members since all locations provide accessible parking free of charge for its members. Jump out of the car and into your office in seconds. 


Entrepreneurs want to make sure their clients and employees are able to have an accessible location depending on their needs and schedule. Will my client be able to get to my office easily when I want to meet with them? Can my employees get to the office in an efficient manner that will contribute to their reliability to my company? Once again, VenturePoint is ahead of the game by allowing members to use the location they need depending on what the day looks like. Downtown, Medical Center, Stone Oak or the Airport, any door you choose, it will be open for you. Security in the area and access to different restaurants is a plus as well. 



It makes sense that at number three, what people are looking for when choosing an office is comfortability. As one of our members expressed, “Being able to access my office is the key to success, VenturePoint is always open for me. If what I have to do for work happens to be on a weekend at 8 pm, I can get in here and get into a space that will allow me to be focused and be successful.” Having a dedicated space where you are able to do what you need to is imperative for your success. 


What factors influence your business’ choice of office space? We invite you to make a list of priorities for your business and make sure you follow it as you search for the perfect place for you.

You can learn more about VenturePoint and the services they provide by visiting www.venturepointsa.com.


By Paulina Farah on November 4, 2019


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