Member Highlight: Deni Mazzei

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Deni Mazzei from adventure 2 learning and sweet craving cupcakes

About Deni:

“Born and raised in Michigan, moved to Orlando, FL after graduating college in 2008, and began working for Adventure 2 Learning (A2L) in 2010. In 2012, A2L relocated me to SATX.

Having grown with this startup over the last 9 years, my role has evolved tremendously to include a wide range of responsibilities. I’ve been a leader in developing the daily operations of the business, managing marketing, sales, and communication strategies to drive revenue, subscriber growth and retention while building the brand. A2L now currently reaches 26,000 schools across 30 countries worldwide.

Outside of my role with A2L, I have also launched my own business, Sweet Craving Cupcakes – on-demand cupcake delivery and mobile cupcake cart. Hit me up if you need cupcakes! PH: 269-967-1305″


About Adventure 2 Learning

Adventure 2 Learning is an on-demand video resource for PreK-8 classroom and PE teachers that provides educational and fitness related videos that teachers can stream into their classrooms to support their lesson plans, reinforce learning and empower student engagement – all while meeting state standards in core subjects.


Why VenturePoint?

“Discovering VenturePoint (VP) was a godsend. The overall experience of reaching out to VP and becoming a member was seamless and a no-brainer. The location is perfect for my current needs. Tara and Paulina are incredible and have gone well out of their way to help me feel comfortable and more than welcome here. All of the other members here are also extremely friendly and it’s empowering to know that we are all working hard to make our businesses a success and able to do so through the services VP provides and supports. The amenities and working spaces are fantastic! More importantly, VP is creating a wonderful community and leading the co-working space market and thus laying a wonderful foundation for exciting things to come.

Thanks for selecting me for the member of the month!”


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