5 Best Ways To Save Money This Christmas

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5 Best Ways To Save Money This Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, we want to make sure we equip you with some sound advice in order to spend your money wisely. With offers everywhere, we know it’s hard to resist tempting deals so read along so you can have our tips at close reach whenever that irresistible deal is staring at you.


1. Have a Christmas Budget


It will be way better for you and your wallet to have a plan for Christmas shopping. Make a list of the people you want to give gifts to and brainstorm on options for the gifts you want to give out. It would be amazing to give your nephew the newest set of headphones in the store, but he might be just as excited if you surprise him with a gift card for the movies for him and a friend. For example, have a gifting experience in a money-saving way yet still be able to make your loved ones feel like you thought about them.


2. Online Shopping


Who likes crowds, am I right?! Online shopping can be a great alternative to physically going to the store. Besides avoiding tempting deals, shopping online can allow you to get specific regarding how much you want to spend. You might run into something you like at the store and LOVE it until you pull the tag out and realize you should definitely not purchase this incredible item.


Filters on websites can allow us to stick with the budget we talked about earlier, as long as you make sure gifts will be delivered before Christmas. Using the internet during the holidays is highly encouraged! (PS. Don’t forget to search for PROMO codes, they’re everywhere!)


3. Who doesn’t like food?


Most restaurants in the city will have specials going on for the holidays. A good option that will save you money, in the long run, is purchasing gift cards from these restaurants. Places like Olive Garden are giving away extra gift card credit after you purchase a certain amount. Even if you may not feel like its worth it, you can use these extra $10-$25 gift cards and use them as an extra gift.


Let’s admit it, we love going out to eat, sooner or later the gift card will be a blessing to have and guarantees being used versus gifting someone a cheese board that will ultimately be regifted at the next holiday party.


4. White Elephant It!


If you have never participated in a white elephant gift exchange, this might be the year to try it. Sometimes family is so large in size that we start stressing out on the number of gifts that we are going to have to get because if grandpa gets a gift, then the second cousin should too, right?


This is where having a white elephant comes in handy. In this game, everybody brings one gift that ranges in a specific price range. Everybody must comply with this rule because everybody deserves to get something of the same worth that they spent on the gift they brought.


The game is fun, to say the least. Pick, swap and steal gifts until everybody goes around the circle. Playing a game and knowing everybody will get a guaranteed gift is a way to make Christmas more about gathering and less about material things. 


5. Creative Wrapping!


Have you ever struggled to wrap a present to the point of wasting all the paper away and ending up with a pretty unimpressive wrapped up gift? I sure have.


Last Christmas I went over to a friend’s place and made an observation- all gifts laid under the tree were wrapped in newspaper! I thought this was genius- saves you money and it saves trees! Newspaper, regular wrapping paper with a cute pine leaf on top.


Placing gifts inside shoeboxes and even an empty box of aluminum foil for Christmas cookies are genius alternatives to fine quality wrapping paper and boxes. (these will be ultimately thrown away, so why throw money away?!)



I hope you enjoyed the tips on saving this holiday season if you have any money-saving habits for the holidays feel free to share and comment. Hoping you have a Merry, Merry Christmas this 2019!


By Paulina Farah on 26 November 2019


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