Why Use Whatsapp Business if you are a Small Home Office or a Big Corporation?

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I recently took a trip to Mexico City to visit my grandmother. As I sat in traffic on the way to her house, I noticed banners and signs that businesses use to advertise their services and/or products. I noticed how many of them have their phone number in big letters next to the very distinctive Whatsapp logo. 


Whatsapp is not as popular in the United States as it is in Mexico. This is mostly due to the lack of unlimited options in mobile plans. The messaging platform provides a fast and cheap way to communicate with others by using internet connection.


Actually, the main reason why we started using Whatsapp Business is that many of our clients from Mexico requested it.


But, we’ve also found out that the majority of Whatsapp users in the U.S are between the ages of 26-45. The same age group that is probably starting or growing their businesses and may need a temporary office or meeting room


Facebook is still a more popular platform to reach out to a business. However, some people like to keep their profiles separate from their professional life. 


If you are a small home office or a big corporation here are some advantages of using Whatsapp Business:


Whatsapp Business allows for instant communication without giving our personal information


Unlike Facebook, Whatsapp uses your phone contacts. At most, you’re sharing your phone number and a profile photo that you can keep pretty professional. Also, it’s a way to keep your personal life separate from your business. 


It allows for a more casual and quick conversation with your customers or prospects. They will be able to see your business hours, location, email and website via your Business Profile. Plus, it’s free to download and use the app. You just need to verify your number via text message or voice call. 



WhatsApp Business Profile view


Showcase your products using the Catalog


Whatsapp Business not only lets you communicate with your customers, but it also lets you showcase your products/services through a catalog. You can share your products with potential customers and they will be able to see photos, prices, and you can even direct them to a link where they can purchase it.


You can also organize your customers using labels such as new customer or pending payment. Plus, you can automatically send away messages and quick replies 


WhatsApp Business Catalog viewWhatsApp Business Label view



The Downside?


You can only send a WhatsApp message to those that have the app installed. So if your current or potential customers haven’t downloaded the app or aren’t interested in using it, then you can’t communicate with them through this platform. 


So, is WhatsApp Business right for you?


At the end of the day, it’s another tool to serve your customers so your decision will heavily depend on your buyer’s persona. 


You should first assess who your ideal customers are: what is their age group? Where do they live? Do they travel often? (Whatsapp users typically travel often and outside the United States), before making a decision.


Whatsapp Business provides great solutions for small businesses. From displaying your products and services to setting up quick replies to frequently asked questions, it’s become a tool businesses around the world are using to answer inquiries, schedule appointments, and even hold one-on-one sessions with customers. 


If you are wondering how other businesses are using this app, you can read their stories here


By Paulina Escobar on December 20, 2019.
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash




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