Member Highlight: Dean Bentle

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Dean Bentle from bentle consulting

About Dean


Dean Bentle spent 23 years in the midwest and southeast United States working for IBM. During that time he held the positions of Systems Engineer, Regional Technical Support, Systems Engineering Manager and Senior Systems Engineer. Those jobs all centered on the technical computer support of small and medium businesses (the SMB arena).

Dean had the opportunity to develop and write programs that supported IBM clients in their businesses that automated their manual processes. The industries Dean Bentle worked in were quite diverse; retail, retail grocery, manufacturing, accounting, banking, golf tournaments, funeral parlor accounting, commissions, law enforcement, local government, medical and others.


Starting Bentle Consulting


After 23 years, Dean had an opportunity to start his own business using the skills he learned during his IBM career. Running his own operation was a big change to what he was accustomed. The additional tasks of accounting, insurance management, payroll, sales, marketing, legal documents, contract reviews, billing, debt collection, business plan, customer management, taxes, IRS, etc., at times, were overwhelming.

As a small business owner, Dean discovered that SMB owners have the same issues, regulations, and contractual items that large corporations have. However, the SMB owner just does not have the time, money or personnel to throw at those items that the large corporations do.

Dean Bentle’s satisfaction in what he does with LegalShield and GoSmallBiz is providing access to those needed services at an affordable price and helping the SMB owner succeed.


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