About Dr. Tamayo


Dr. Tamayo is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician who specializes in the care of adults of all ages.   He provides attentive primary care for chronic illness such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure; acute care such as urinary, GI, respiratory and skin infections, coughs and colds, rashes, lumps and bumps; and age-appropriate preventive health.


Direct Care of Texas


Through Direct Care of Texas, Dr Tamayo delivers unusually convenient care by way of phone, video, house calls and office visits at VenturePoint, his preferred landing spot for patient encounters and administrative work.  Their clean, modern office environment is appreciated by his patients and staff alike, and the VenturePoint family has been welcoming and supportive.

Dr. Tamayo’s subscribing patients also receive direct access to him by text, phone calls, and video consults on nights and weekends, a huge savings in time and expenses for after-hours care.  Learn more about Dr. Tamayo’s practice at www.DirectCareOfTexas.com or call 210-521-6328 to enroll today.


Hector Edwin Tamayo, MD

Internal Medicine

Direct Care of Texas

17503 La Cantera Pkwy Ste 104-439
San Antonio, TX – 78257


ph  (210) 521-6328

fax (210) 521-6329