5 Tips To Make The Best Out Of Your Flexible Workspace

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Busy flexible workspace in San Antonio.

You finally made the decision to join a flexible workspace and now you’re ready to experience the productivity and innovation you were promised in the many blogs where you read about the benefits of flexible and coworking spaces. So you park in a close-by spot and check-in at the reception, you look around, decide where you want to sit and then you open your computer and it begins. 


But, what now? How is this different from working at the coffee shop around the corner?


Here are 5 tips on how you can make the best of your flexible workspace (which are all benefits when you sign up for a membership at VenturePoint, wink wink) and get what you’re paying for. 


1. Community or location managers are your best source of information. 


Whether it is issues with connectivity, setting up the printer or finding a good place around town to get some lunch, location managers are your go-to people. Don’t be afraid to ask for office supplies either because whatever it is you need, they probably have it or can add it to the supplies list for next month. 


2. Opt-in for email communication or join the monthly newsletter


If you are not on your workspace’s email list you might reconsider opting in for email notifications. This is where you will receive important notices like building updates or health and safety notices. Most workspaces have a newsletter where they share business tips and upcoming events. In our monthly newsletter, we highlight a member each month so you can get to know other members and what they do. (Sign up for our newsletter here).


And if you ever are interested in being member of the month, you just have to talk to our location managers and they will surely arrange something (see Tip 1). 


3. Take advantage of the member directory. 


Member directories include information on other members and their businesses. If you’re looking to collaborate with someone or are in need of a service, this is where you should go. 


You can choose to be listed on our Member Directory by going to your Professional Profile under Your Account and Check the List my profile in the directory box. If you want to see other members in the directory, simply go to your Member Portal and under Community select Members. (Or if you need help go to Tip 1).


4. Don’t get tied down in one location


We have 3 locations in San Antonio where you can drop in to do some work. Use this to your advantage to cut down on commute times. Need to go pick someone up at the airport in the afternoon? Go to our Broadway location. Have a doctor’s appointment on Friday? You might consider working at VenturePoint Medical that day.


5. Check out the Upcoming Events calendar or host your own event.


You can find all upcoming events on your Member Portal. Under Community, select Events. (Or here if you are not a member). From small business Lunch and Learns to marketing workshops, make sure to check the calendar and attend events that interest you. 


Also, if you’re looking to lead a workshop or any other event, we host member events and broadcast them on our newsletter and calendar. If you want us to host your event, fill out this request form


Flexible workspaces have great tools that can help you not only increase productivity but also grow your business through networking, events, and tips. Don’t be afraid to ask the location and community managers because they are there to help you succeed. Whether it is office supplies, an introduction to another member, or even help promoting your business through the newsletter or social media, this is all part of the benefits of joining a workspace. 


If you want to learn more about our space and memberships, contact us.


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