Remote Work Like A Pro With These 4 Tips

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Organizing the workspace

March 20, 2020. Who would’ve guessed that today, we would all be adapting our lives to a very teeny-tiny but deadly virus called COVID-19? I think this little guy caught us all off guard in a BIG way.


All around the world, big and small companies are assigning their employees tasks that they can handle while being under their own roof in the safety of their homes. 


While every country is encouraging citizens to self-quarantine, challenges to stay focused while being at home are being shared all over social media platforms, including falling into an impostor syndrome, which makes us feel that we are underperforming at our job even though we are spending most our day in our computers and phone trying to get our tasks done and which research shows to prove otherwise.


This is a normal feeling and I myself am trying to figure out what habits I need to begin working on and what I want my daily schedule to look like. If I take the time to plan out how I want my remote work to flow, then I will allow myself to fully enjoy the free time I always looked forward to after I got out of the office.


So here goes a couple of points I think to be important to have in mind throughout your remote workday:




Definitely something I am still trying to figure out and what has caused me to run into a couple of hiccups since I began my remote work. It may seem strange to begin working in things days in advance when you are used to tackling tasks as they come.


I have learned that planning out the week in advance and dividing the hours I will be doing things at has improved both my performance and self-satisfaction as an employee. Thinking about it, we are not only learning how to do this in work life, but also as we live the uncertainty of COVID-19 and stacking up on essential resources like food, water, and toilet paper. Thinking ahead is the vibe right now.


A tool I have implemented to track how I spend my time is Clockify, and it has definitely made me more conscious of how much time each of my tasks takes, and then I plan accordingly.


Self Motivation!


This word may look very different for each of us. Making sure we start the morning off right may involve a good cup of coffee, an audiobook, a yoga session or writing in your gratitude journal. No matter what this is for you, you must not forget to make it a part of your day, since remote work can become a bit frustrating when there is no boss or coworkers around to keep you motivated and entertained. Let the fact that you are working from out of home allows you to get creative, flexible and fun to self-motivate.


Here are a few ideas to implement for motivation- you’re welcome.




Even though working from home may sound like a huge blessing because you get to wear looser clothing and sit on your couch as you get documents ready, you are still working on your responsibilities and this can create stress even as you lay on that couch. It is still important to make a space for you to take your lunch, your dance of the day, your second coffee or even a screaming session where you release all the energy from not having that excel sheet figured out quite yet. This will help you clear your mind, fill your tummy, and gain new creativity for what is left of your shift.


Medium is an awesome site where you can find good quality quick reads and have a quality time break. 


Report and Reward


You MUST keep track of what you are doing during the day. Google Keep can help you spread out the goals of the day and give you a sense of satisfaction by checking off boxes. Taking a look at what you conquered during the day will definitely allow you to pat yourself on the back instead of throwing yourself on your bed feeling like you did absolutely nothing- this is a lie!! Keeping track of your tasks will not only show you what you did but your employer too.


Different tools like Trello can help you stay organized with this. Rewarding yourself with rest is a huge recommendation of mine, sometimes staying on the phone after disconnecting does not rest the mind and body well, try a book or a walk instead. 


So there you go, even if you take half of one of these tips into consideration, it will help you mold your day a little bit more into what you want it to look like. Take advantage of what being a remote worker is all about. Develop habits- no matter how weird they may seem to others- and increase your productivity. I would love to hear about how you are handling this shift and look forward to reading your responses. Much love!


By Paulina Farah on March 25, 2020
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