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Sweet Craving Cupcake

Many small and medium-sized businesses are struggling during this pandemic. Now more than ever, they need our help to get through this. This is why we want to highlight local businesses in San Antonio that you can support during your quarantine.

Sweet Craving Cupcakes

Delicious cupcakes

Sweet Craving Cupcakes all started with a very simple idea: Why not create your cupcake the same way you would create your own sandwich?  Or pizza? The possibilities are endless.

In today’s world, personalization is key – and it’s how you create an unforgettable experience and stand out from the crowd. So the idea of create-your-own cupcakes was born.

Founder and owner, Deni Mazzei is a cottage food baker, taking orders and baking right in her kitchen. Using a no-frills approach to decorating, she’s able to eliminate waste and provide the perfect portions.

Deni quickly realized she needed a unique way to market her new business and to stand out from existing bakeries. Farmer’s markets in San Antonio are a fantastic way to reach new customers, try out new products and flavors and get real-time customer feedback while building brand awareness.

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Deni and a friend built a custom mobile cupcake cart to help differentiate in appearance from other vendors at markets and allows the opportunity for customers to come up and build their own cupcakes through an assortment of scratch-made cake flavor bases, frostings, toppings and drizzles. The cupcake cart is also available to rent for special occasions.

However, in light of COVID-19, many farmer’s markets are now temporarily closed, therefore Sweet Craving Cupcakes is relying heavily on their delivery option.

Now contactless, customers can order and receive free cupcake delivery between 4-7pm weekdays and have fresh, gourmet cupcakes and toppings delivered right to their door. (use code SPRING).

“I’m deeply inspired by our community’s response during this crisis. We sincerely appreciate all of the business and support we have received thus far and look forward to continuing to serve the people of San Antonio in more unique ways in the weeks and months to come.”

-Deni Mazzei, Owner of Sweet Craving Cupcakes

Sweet Craving Cupcakes

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