4 Ways to Support Small Business During COVID-19

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The last three weeks have been tough for San Antonio since Mayor Nirenberg called a shelter-in-place order on March 23rd, 2020 which has now extended to April 30th. Residents of Bexar County now have to adapt to working from home and small and local businesses are having to close or rely only on delivery and take out services. 

Small businesses are suffering and need our help to make it through this pandemic. According to the National Restaurant Association, 3 out of 4 small business owners surveyed said they were very concerned about the economic impacts of COVID-19 on their companies

Here are some ways you can support small businesses in the upcoming month:

Shop small business online 

Many local retailers and restaurants have adapted to the crisis and made their products available online.

Next time you find yourself heading to a national chain for products you’re looking for, try a simple google search for a local retailer. Some products you can find online from local retailers could include: natural cleaning products, personal care products and even gift cards.

Even though we are all trying our best to stay indoors there are times we crave a little bit of the old “normal.” To satisfy these cravings check and see if your neighborhood pizzeria, burger joint, coffee roaster etc, is offering up delivery or curbside pickup. 

Leave a Positive Review

Consider leaving some reviews on Google or Facebook. The majority of customers will read reviews before making a purchase. Reviews help small businesses boost credibility and loyalty. 

If you are also a business owner, think about asking other businesses you know to write you a review and write one in exchange. But be honest!

Give the gift of small business products

There are many opportunities small and local businesses are offering duing this crisis like free shipping or delivery. If there are any birthdays or anniversaries coming up, consider gifting a small business product. 

Sweet Craving Cupcakes, a local business that makes customizable cupcakes, has free cupcake delivery when you use the code SPRING. 

Skip the Refund

Maybe you planned a party or special occasion at a local small business specializing in providing experiences and you had to cancel as a result of CDC guidelines. Skip the refund and consider writing it off as a donation instead of asking for your money back. Now’s also a great time to sign up for that membership to your local nonprofit.

You can find more ideas on how to support small businesses here. Shopping locally may not be as convenient as buying from big brands, but it does make a huge impact on the business you are supporting.

We are going to be sharing one small business to support every week on our blog if you need any ideas. And if you are a small business and would like some support on our blog and our newsletter, please email us at hello@venturepoint.us

Stay safe!

By Paulina Escobar and Adrea Leal on April 13th, 2020.
Image by Unsplash.


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