The Perfect Storm or a Fast-track Revolution?

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My father told me one day that economists spend 50% of their time predicting the future and the other 50% explaining why their predictions failed.

Recently I have seen how many informal gurus are irresponsibly trying to predict the future, and do not realize that they can misinform people by harming them and not help them. I understand that we have that desire to be the first to predict it, but the really professionals in their areas have refused to make predictions at this time because the crisis is at its highest point, so day by day the world situation changes from one way or another, and for that reason no one can predict the future.

Therefore, we cannot predict the future since there are many variables, which we cannot control, they are emerging day by day, what we thought yesterday; today is already different.

Time is another component against us, since the anxiety of the people and the fear will begin to take hold of each one of us, yet the authorities do not find the solution or at least mitigate the spread of the virus and the time lasts much longer, then this fear will become more present in our society.

It is not only about pausing our lives for a few weeks, it is about a revolution that is brewing in the world at a speed that we have never seen before, it is worse than the perfect storm.

Pandemic + Global Recession

It is not just a health issue where people are dying at higher rates every day, it is not just an issue of an economy in a recession never seen before, it is also a geopolitical change so drastic that sadly for those who have always been admirers of the USA, see how they have lost their leadership in areas such as health, science and economics in this 2020, is completely disappointing.

In short, the world’s factory was closed for 3 months (China) and the world’s largest consumer is closed (USA) but in this one we don’t know when it will reopen yet.

There is also a key ingredient that perhaps many of us know, but we do not stop to think about the seriousness of the social issue these days. When people are locked up for longer than they expected and their fears and frustrations begin to take hold, Will they begin to manifest themselves through violence?

The true evil of today’s world

The politicians; the ordinary citizen cannot control the selfish interests of the politicians who control our societies; as well as none of the factors that I have mentioned before. This more voracious and selfish political class than ever, places the citizens in situations where they prove that human beings are very capable of adapting to new challenges.

But whether due to negligence or political decisions, the impact of this pandemic could have been lessened – this will be another of the great mysteries that history will have to hide – the case is that politicians have not thought of the welfare of society as a priority but make decisions based on their political interests and then later, see how to solve the problem of society; when it should be the other way around since it is for us that they are there.

The only thing we can do is follow the instructions that the authorities give us, not only because they are the authorities; but by common sense; the only way to control the spread of COVID19 is to lock ourselves up for two weeks and only go outside when really necessary as established.

Do not underestimate these rules, do not think that it will not happen to me, because just as an individual thinks like that; the other thousands will think the same and then millions and in the end this agony will be longer than we planned and even worse it will be more painful.

Daily routine

The only way to avoid falling prey to fear and panic is through education, and education not only means knowing information, it means what to do with it, how to apply it, at what time, etc.

Updated information

The best thing to do is to continue with our routine and forget what is happening, be aware of the situation and dose the amount of information and even more important; the source of what we read and review day by day. Avoid reading social media with fake news.

Times to reflect

This routine is a great opportunity for reflection and the search for excellence as a human being, seeking refuge in values ​​such as compassion, nobility, loyalty, friendship, etc.

Now that we have diminished the frenetic life that we led, it is time to find ourselves and discover the great human being that is in each one of us. And perhaps we will discover that in the end, we are not as selfish as we think and that we are not as futile as we thought.


Expand our knowledge in our specialty areas, take an online course, Webinars, read a book old fashioned,  Explore, develop and/or learn new disciplines that help us with our profession and professional development, known as cross skills, for instance, an engineer with Marketing knowledge will always be more valuable than an engineer without that marketing angle.

The family

Enjoy time with the family and explore and reflect on why we are being part of this family and/or improve this family; since this institution is the cell of every society and is an opportunity to introspect and reflect on those values. What is my role and my responsibility with this family? My partner has evolved as much as I have, how do I want to see my children when they are independent, how do they see me?

These days are good days to get to know your family members better.

Physical exercise

The physical part is very important, we must find and establish an exercise routine and make it part of our daily routine, a walk with the family pet and family, exercises in which they help each other, it could even be a soccer game when the spaces of the house allow it, in short, there are a number of solutions that it is only a matter of looking for what best suits us online.


A healthy meal should also be part of this new routine, even cooking with the family could be a lot of fun, exploring new recipes and the most important thing is to share food with the family without the smartphone of course. Use the Jail Phone box for these cases.

The Solution is the Family

What I mean is that we have to recognize that there is a problem; a great pandemic, that the economy, that the world, that geopolitics will change without a doubt, but despite these circumstances, we live in society and our family as the nucleus of the social tissue is the solution to survive this situation, and recognize it is up to us to revive it …… or …… to turn it into a cancer, so if we keep this routine what we will find will be pure positive things, and we will be protected against the negativity and leisure that is currently happening in the world.

By Luis Escobar

Image by Unsplash


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