How to Safely Return to Your Office

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These days we have to resume our professional activities so that our income is recovered as soon as possible, but at the same time we have to do it in a safe and responsible way, since nobody wants to be a part of the tragic statistics of this pandemic.

But how do we return to the office and make sure not to get infected or pass it on to others, including your own family?

Your workplace does not necessarily have to be the traditional office, it can be a coworking space, a local cafe or a restaurant. In any case, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself because if we all take care of ourselves, the contagion will be contained and we can return to our activities as soon and safely as possible.

Follow these tips to decrease the risk of contagion.

Before entering your workplace:

Preferably take your temperature every day, there are workplaces where they have a thermometer for this purpose so if you have a temperature above 101 degrees, it is considered that you have a fever and you must take care of yourself by withdrawing from the workplace and calling your doctor.

Put on your mask (how to wear a mask) and gloves. If you do not wear gloves you have to be more aware and careful of surfaces and everything that touches your hands- the doors, the tables, the chairs, etc.

Choose a place with more natural light and where more fresh air circulates, not from the Air conditioner and with less movement of people, stay away from the coffee machine, the refrigerator, and common places, such as the printing station.

Clean the surface where you are going to work with the disinfectant wipes and do not forget to clean the armrests of the chairs, the door handles, your filing cabinet, and all the places where your hands touch regularly.

While you work

It is true that it is uncomfortable to use the mask but try to always have it on, you never know when someone is going to be right in front of you. Remember to regularly clean your hands with hand sanitizer.

Every time you go to the bathroom wash your hands.

If being inside the workplace makes you feel bad and you have any of the symptoms of COVID 19, it is time to retire to your house and inform the manager since they do have a protocol to follow and this way, you can contain the spread, but more importantly, is that you take care of your health.


Do not consume snacks or products that are not individually packaged and avoid consuming foods that are shared or open.

When you drink from cans or bottles, don’t forget to clean the part of your mouth that touches them.

Mail and packages

You have several options when handling your mail or packages, the safest being: to use gloves. It is recommended to wait two hours and then clean the mail with disinfecting wipes but we know this is not always possible.

Disinfecting wipes will be the safest most convenient option and if you are not able to do that, don’t forget, when you finish handling the mail DO NOT touch your face and wash your hands immediately after finishing

Collaborators / Clients

Try to meet them in a different place than your work station. The best would be a conference room where you can easily establish a good distance and that in many cases there is now a shield to chat with them.

Greet them with a simple nod which is more than enough nowadays since the handshake is not very hygienic.

Use the tools offered by these conference rooms, such as the screen, to be able to show your collaborator what you want to show him on the screen of your computer, this way you will no longer have to get close to show it to them.

Be more efficient with your time, the longer you are in different places, the higher the risk, so making meetings more productive will also help not only the efficiency of your business but also consider the health of everybody.


Make sure that your workplace has the necessary tools and supplies such as:

  • Reception shields
  • Effective signage to show the new way of working during this pandemic,
  • Hygiene supplies, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes
  • Masks and gloves

If your office does not have these measures, be very careful because by not alerting its members the risk of contagion is greater, and therefore your obligation is to increase your own security measures.

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