The Challenges of the ‘New Normal Office’

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Once again working from home is a trending topic and historically it’s the ancestor of coworking or flexible office space.

This is not new, in fact, it’s the reason why the flexible workspace industry developed back in 2004. This concept of working from home comes from the ’70s and became more common in the late ’90s and early twenty-first century, with the popularity of internet connections almost everywhere.

The Working from Home Concept

Also known as telecommuting, teleworking, mobile working, remote working. It’s a work arrangement in which employees do not commute or travel (eg: by bus, bicycle or car, etc.) to a central place of work, such as an office building, warehouse, or store.

At the beginning of this century, when you came to an office or a restaurant, you had to ask if they had internet, even in hotels. By 2008 the question eventually changed to; what is your wi-fi password? It is assumed that they already have Internet everywhere and for this reason working from home became more common.

Since the late 1990s, the work from home idea had some negative points. According to studies, they showed that working from home had several disadvantages that made it less attractive.

  • The feeling of loneliness
  • Decreased productivity
  • Distractions at home.

For these reasons and as a consequence, work from home users used local cafes to carry out their activities there, however, they realized in a short time that the replacement of the feeling of loneliness created another disadvantage since these places did not have any privacy and the noise did not help in concentration.

Hence the concept of coworking or flexible office space, as we know it today.

The Challenges of the Pandemic

Now with more than 20 million unemployed people, we face a much greater challenge, to return to our levels of economic activity as soon as possible and with the greatest possible security.

That is when the workplace becomes an issue. We must find a solution that allows us to work efficiently, safely, and with flexible plans according to our budget, which helps us develop our activities.

Your New Office

So our workplace must have:

Private Office

A space where you feel safe and not in danger of being infected but with the ability to interact with other professionals. In this way, you can work in a place where you can concentrate without the distractions of your home but with the convenience of not feeling lonely.

Conference Room

 To interview people outside your office and keep this isolated from other people who come in from the outside, with the technology that helps you professionally explain your ideas in a confidential environment and that has all the security measures to avoid contagions such as transparent shields, face masks, gloves, etc.

Virtual Assistant

A professional live answering telephone service that can either forward the calls to you or take a message on your behalf; take the message and receive an email or text message with details of the call.

Virtual Mail Services

Get notified when you receive a letter or package, ideally with a photo of the mail item. This way you will have the option to request a scan and therefore do not need to commute to the office to see the content.

Additional services on demand

Having an efficient administration team so that you forget about tasks such as cleaning, technical support, (having to buy food such as coffee, sodas, and snacks) and for those repetitive and monotonous administrative tasks that distract you from your business.

If you can count on such a service; you really just have to focus on reestablishing your business.


Contact your customers, and tell them that you are ready to serve them, that you have updated your business in order to do so. 

Just like you, they are also trying to adapt to a new way of working, so don’t come across as if you are only interested in their money, try to be genuine. The difference is that you have taken the most important step since your workplace is no longer a headache, now it is a great tool.

By Luis Escobar on June 3, 2020.


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