Mediation Rooms in San Antonio

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Mediation Rooms in San Antonio by VenturePoint

Environments send messages…The mediation environment includes the physical surroundings that affect people’s bodily comfort levels. It also involves some less tangible elements: the parties’ relative levels of power, their feelings of safety, and arrangements that convey respect.


Power Imbalances

  • A room to help reduce the power-distance between parties and between the parties and the mediator. 
  • Strong nonverbal message of mediator neutrality and party equality. 
  • Each Meeting Room has Comfortable adjustable chairs that allow people to easily reach the writing surface of the table. 
  • Meeting rooms free from phone interruptions, noisy conversations in adjacent rooms, ticking clocks, buzzing fax machines, or outside traffic and construction noises. 



Each location:

  • Is located at a Reputable Address, easy to get to.
  • Accessible by private and public transportation.
  • A site safe after dark.
  • Easy Access.
  • Free parking.
  • Handicap access


Party Comfort

  • To make your parties comfortable, we have pleasant music, and lighting, 
  • Adjustable temperature controls. 
  • Windows allowing natural light will make a room feel more spacious, Lighting fixtures should work properly



  • Wall color, carpet texture, the smell of the room and outside areas, and the shape of the room.
  • Nice artwork on the walls a neat, dust free, and organized environment. 



  • We count with Coffee service that invite your parties to mingle and engage in small talk.
  • We have flip charts, markers, calculators, and notepads. Available phones, fax machines, laptop computers, and printers. 
  • Thoughtful consideration of the mediation environment enhances party self-determination, supports quality decision-making, and can enhance the appearance of the mediator’s neutrality.


We have more than 6 rooms in San Antonio that have all this elements to help you lead a neutral mediation. Contact us to make a reservation today!


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