4 Challenges of Working From Home and How to Overcome Them

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Distractions during work from home

More and more people continue to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. A study by Gallup, found that by April 2020, 62% of employed Americans said they have worked from home during the crisis. Many enjoy the flexibility that comes with working from home, but for others there are many challenges to overcome. These are a few we’ve heard about:


Too many distractions


Considering everyone is quarantined due to the pandemic, we are spending more time at home than before. Children are not going to school and families are spending more time together. This can make it hard to find a place free of noise where you can get to work. 


How can you work around it? Set schedules as a family and avoid doing household chores during your work hours. See this guide by CNBC on How to work from home with your kids during the coronavirus outbreak


Not having the right furniture or space to work


Many of us had to turn our kitchens or living rooms into workspaces thinking the pandemic would not last as long as it has. Although some people did get equipment from their employers, it rarely included ergonomic furniture. 


Those working from their kitchen chairs or sofas are dealing with back pain and don’t feel comfortable throughout the day. 


How can you work around it? An ergonomic chair is a home office essential you must invest in. Here is a list of the best office chairs on Amazon by New York Mag offering options from $30 to $300. 


Increased bills


A recent article by Forbes talked about hidden expenses that come with working from home like electricity bills, phone data plans, and supplies for your home office.


How can you work around it? Talk to your employer to see if they can reimburse any home office expenses. As for electricity bills, try to keep a moderate temperature and turn off lights when they aren’t in use. 


Having a hard time clocking out


One of the biggest challenges for many is knowing when to ‘clock out’ or separating work life and home life (like not doing laundry during work hours or not answering work calls at dinner). 


How can you work around it? Find out if you are a work-life segmentator or integrator. This article by Fast Company explains the difference and gives you tips on how to create a routine that helps you disconnect. 


A flexible workspace is another alternative that can help you with all of these challenges. Away from home distractions, our space includes ergonomic furniture and can help you save on expenses like office supplies. Also, since you are coming to a designated location, it’s easier to create a routine and disconnect from work once you walk out of the office. 

At VenturePoint we offer flexible private office space for rent that fits your budget from monthly memberships to per hour rates. Contact us for more information.


Not being prepared for Zoom meetings


Worrying about your background during video conferences in a new issue we are all struggling with. Your background should look professional and clean, but not too distracting. This is now how we make first impressions on meetings, don’t be afraid to showcase your personality. 


How can you work around it? Pick a spot that you can turn into your Zoom corner. Declutter, reorganize and add some personality like family pictures or wall art.

Rooms To Go put together this guide on How to Set Up a Professional Background for Video Calls with helpful tips.


By Paulina Escobar on August 19, 2020.


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