5 Home Office Essentials

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Home Office Essentials

Home offices have become more permanent as many workers will continue to work from home into 2021. There are a number of essentials that your home office needs in order to help you work efficiently. Here are 5 important things to buy for working from home.


A good home office chair


Home furniture was not ergonomically designed for us to sit for more than 2 hours a day. Thanks to the pandemic, we’re now spending 4-8 hours a day sitting on dining chairs. As a result, our backs are hurting and our posture is suffering. 


A good office chair is a great investment. Look for one that supports your back comfortably to avoid back and neck pain. This list of the best office chairs by The Strategist gives you many options for different budgets.


High-speed Internet


Now that kids are learning online and there may be more than one person working remotely at home, your internet connection may be running slow. Your Zoom meetings are also affected by poor audio and video.


There are some things you need to consider regarding your internet. One is what speed you will need to work from home, which will depend on what activities you will be doing often (like videoconferencing). 


If you plan to use a VPN, the speed of your VPN will be limited by the speed of your home internet connection.


This guide can help you understand how much internet speed you need and what are the best internet plans for you. 


Back-up drive


You will need to plan how you will be backing up your data when working from home. Cloud-based backup services like Google Drive or iCloud are very efficient and easy to use.


However, it’s also a good idea to have an external back-up drive just in case. 




It’s a good idea to have a shredder if you need to destroy documents with sensitive or confidential information. These are some best-sellers on Amazon


An efficient way to organize your documents is to Scan, Shred, and Save.


Scan – Create digital copies of your important paperwork.

Save – Store your digital files on a flash drive or in the cloud.

Shred – Securely dispose of the unneeded hard copies.


Good lighting


Take a look at your home office. If you have a window, put your desk right under it to take advantage of the natural light. If you don’t have access to natural light, then consider adding ambient and task lights


Having a home office has great benefits like 3% higher productivity rate and 50% lower rate of resignations. But it’s important that you choose your space well and plan your budget. Check out this guide on how to create the perfect home office for any job.


If you’re running your business from home, you may also consider other tools like a company phone, or a virtual mailing address to help you look more established.. Our Work From Home membership includes a local phone and fax number, a mailing address (not P.O. Box), a live receptionist to answer your calls and more!


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