Our new Office feature allows VenturePoint members to rent private offices for a day, or multiple days, easily and on-demand.

When you open the VenturePoint app on your phone, or visit the Booking section on our website, you now have the ability to toggle among these options: Private Office, Conference Room. 

This section allows you to filter spaces based on your specific needs.

  • Select ‘Conference Room’ if you want to reserve a meeting room by the hour.
  • Select ‘Private Office’ if you would like to reserve an office by the day or for multiple days in a row



What’s Included

All offices come with the essentials: commercial-grade furniture, fast internet, professional environment, and privacy for ultimate productivity. 

VenturePoint spaces will also provide features such as coffee or tea in the shared kitchen area, and a friendly manager on-site to help with any questions you may have.

Some may come with added perks such as whiteboards, presentation displays, multimedia adapters, etc. 



Find Your Favorite Spot

When browsing for offices on our VenturePoint app, you can narrow your search by using our helpful filters feature which allows you to choose the location which is closest to you.

Curious how the space looks overall? Visit our Gallery and Virtual Tour here 


VenturePoint Broadway

VenturePoint Medical

VenturePoint Stone Oak


or Scroll through their photos to see different rooms and get a feel for the environment in advance.



VenturePoint For Your Company

VenturePoint is just as flexible for company teams as it is for individual workers. As a team member, your company gets the same access to all our locations. 


Team members can use our app to find offices, meeting rooms, and coworking space for the day, all on demand. You can also easily manage and customize your team’s access to flexible workspace and analyze their usage over time. 


With our new ‘Office’ feature, members and teams can work in spaces for longer periods of time, and as needed. Think of it as a private office without the hassle of renting one on your own. Just make a reservation, and you’re all set.


Safety First

Prior to reserving, you can review our Health & Safety practices so you know what precautions we are taking and what is required while on-site.


Your Feedback Is Important

Have questions, comments, or need help finding your next office rental? The VenturePoint Support Team is available during business hours and we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think!



By Luis Escobar