Why You Don’t Want to Use Your Home Address As Your Business Address

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Why You Don’t Want to Use Your Home Address As Your Business Address

Elevate Your Business Image, Protect Your Privacy

Every successful business has humble beginnings – the home office, the kitchen table, or the local coffee shop. But as you grow, using your home address as your business address can be risky.

Why Avoid Using Your Home Address?

Your business address is often public information. It’s on your website, business cards, state records, and more. Do you really want everyone to know where you live? We didn’t think so.

The Solution: Rented Mailboxes

Smart entrepreneurs opt for rented mailboxes, and the best part? You can have a prestigious address without breaking the bank.

Choose Your Plan:

  • PO Box: Affordable and accessible, but not suitable for all deliveries.
  • VenturePoint Business Address: Unlock the full potential. Get a specific Suite number in San Antonio as your business mailing address.

Why VenturePoint Business Address?

  • Security: Our systems ensure your information stays private and secure.
  • Online Mail Management: Access your postal mail anywhere with an internet connection.

Services That Fit Your Business Needs

Prestigious Street Address

Subscribe to a street address from any of our locations, and have your mail and parcels sent there. Need more than one location? No problem.

Receiving Items

Receive notifications when items arrive, and manage them through our user-friendly platform Online

Open & Scan Contents

Want to see what’s inside? We’ll open and scan items, creating searchable PDFs for your convenience and receive it in your email.

Check Deposit

Deposit checks electronically into any US bank in San Antonio, TX  after they’ve been opened and scanned.


Forward items anywhere globally at discounted rates. Custom requests? We’re here for you.


Securely store your letters and parcels as long as needed. Enjoy free unlimited digital storage of envelope images and content scans.

Shred and Recycle

Dispose of unwanted items securely, tailored to your needs.

Registered Agent

Need a registered agent for your business? We can handle service of process and official documents on your behalf.

Join 600+ Businesses Going Digital

More than 600 companies trust us with their business mail every day. 

Contact VenturePoint Now!

Call us today to learn more about optimizing your business address.


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