Gadgets for Working from Home

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Working space

It’s been almost a year since many started working from home. At that time, many home offices were quickly put together in kitchens and living rooms. By now, it’s time to upgrade your work from home set up if you haven’t already. 

These are some basic gadgets you need to work from home:

Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs help you keep a good posture while seated to avoid stress on your muscles and joints. You should be able to adjust things like chair heights and arm rests.

However, ergonomic chairs only do half the job. Learning how to sit on your chair is as important to your health and posture. 

Positions to sit at your work

Standing desk

Having the option to work while standing is a big relief when you’re spending 8 hours or more in front of a screen. Although they are not typically cheap, they will help keep you back healthy and pain-free. 


In this new digital age you may think that you don’t need a printer anymore. But there are many documents that you should have printed like permits, licenses, contracts, etc. If your printer is also a scanner, then this can also help you digitize your files.


If you are scanning your files or simply need to get rid of important documents, then a shredder is a must-have. Securely shred documents that contain confidential information of you and/or your business. 

Charging Station

With all the technology we own, single cable chargers don’t cut it anymore. Whether you need to plug in your phone, tablet, camera, etc. Make sure you have a variety of cables. Most importantly a USB-C, Micro USB, Lighting, and HDMI cables. 


An extra monitor lets you have more screen space. You are also able to see two screens at once making it easier to make comparisons or reference other apps.

If your home office is lacking these gadgets then it’s time to make an update or you come to VenturePoint. You can find all the things on this list plus more in our workspace.

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