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DR ALMA INGRAM -  pathophysiologist in San Antonio

About Dr. Ingram

Dr Alma Ingram is pathophysiologist in San Antonio. Pathophysiology refers to the study of abnormal changes in body functions that are causes, consequences or associated with disease processes.

Why should you seek treatment from a pathophysiologist?

To identify the core factors responsible for current health conditions and diseases, and to seek an effective alternative or enhancement to traditional medicine. This is accomplished on a cellular level with effective supplements and lifestyle modifications for both disease improvement and health promotion. 

Dr. Ingram’s treatment plans can help against oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. 


  • Concierge Wellness
  • Annual Physical and Wellness Assessment
  • Non-Invasive Cardiac Scan
  • Diagnostic Peripheral Neuropathy Scan
  • Breast, Dental & Whole Body Scan & Assessment
  • Laboratory Services
  • Laboratory Specialty
  • Review of Medical Records & treatment Planning
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
  • Weight Loss Management Programs
  • Infusion/IV Therapy 
  • Diabetic Wound Treatment
  • Allergy Testing & Immunology
  • Chronic Pain Assessment & Treatment
  • Massage Therapy
  • Covid Positive Treatment Plan
  • Cardiology, Nephrology, Rheumatology Treatment Plans
  • Oncology Integrative Treatment Plans
  • Gut Health-Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Telemed Services

Ingram Formulations

Ingram formulations was founded after more than 10 years of patient research and the desire to find the most effective combination of supplements. 

We are proud to present synergistically blended supplements that are not only effective on a cellular level but also address the 7 critical organs that are keys to wellness and anti-aging.

Get your supplements!


Dr. Alma Ingram

1603 Babcock Rd Ste 238, San Antonio, TX 78229

“I office at the best office space in San Antonio!”


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