The Office of the Future 2.0

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VenturePoint office wokspace at San Antonio

This new stage in the business world makes it essential to enhance our personal brand as well as our business.


That is why it is important to have the tools to help us achieve our goal.


One of the things that COVID came to do was accelerate everything that before 2019 seemed to be a thing of the future; and when I say future I mean, what many experts had predicted for 2030 however, what happened was that the pandemic compacted those 10 years into one.


So everything that was supposed to happen in 2030, actually happened and we are currently living it today in 2021.


Virtual meetings every day, virtual parties, video calls, ordering all your groceries online, waiting for them at your door, and internet shopping intensified. We also learned to become more mobile and less dependent on a physical location.


TODAY, it is no longer unknown to work from home. The pandemic forced us to take an intensive course on how to do it from home. We all learned to handle more than one platform to hold virtual meetings such as ZOOM, Go To Meeting, ZoHo, etc.


However, what the pandemic could not do is prevent us from meeting, collaborating, appreciating more our freedom and that social part inherent to us as human beings.


So if we have a traditional office and we could not adapt to meeting our colleagues virtually, then we would be wasting money by not maximizing the use of our office. See RightSizing


I do not believe that the future of the entrepreneur depends on a physical space. The future of the intelligent entrepreneur will be to be less dependent on physical space and consequently to be more mobile.


Companies today ask themselves more than ever what to do with the real estate they have, they spend several hours a day with this headache because they either want to adapt to the new normal and new layout or because they are growing and would like to reduce expenses. Are the terms and conditions adequate? The layout? The use? etc. Large companies are challenged by the office space they currently have trying to figure out all these questions and what that entails.


This pandemic suddenly woke us up from something we already saw coming.


The faster we adapt to this change, the more chances we have to be successful.


For the aforementioned, the brand of your business is more important than any of the other assets of your company and you are the main asset of your company or your personal brand. These two components must be perfectly aligned in order to have a successful business.


A brand is not just a pretty logo and your personal brand is not just simply considering yourself to be a genius.


The sad thing is that it is spoken about everywhere how to take care of your company’s brand but never about how to take care of your personal brand.


The human being by nature makes prejudices, hence the saying; “How they see you is how they treat you”, that’s how you are the image of your company and when you meet someone for the first time, they judge you first as a person and then your company.


After they meet you, those images are either strengthened or they deteriorate, which depends 100% on you and a smaller percentage on your company.


For this reason, I suggest you project an image of modernity. They must see you as a modern professional.


It does not make sense to be a millennial and have a business from the last century or worse, still not use the basic technological tools to manage and improve your business. Learn about non-verbal cues and how it influences the first impression of you and your business.


The office and your workspace make a first impression.


Are you meeting your clients for the first time in a restaurant? At the local cafe? Or rather do you meet them in a professional environment that makes a positive impression? Studies show that this impression directly affects the customer’s decision.


There is a solution; the office of the future Version 2.0


When we speak of a modern office, we are not referring to a physical one, we are referring to a modern office from the 21st century and from after the pandemic.


The traditional office where we had a physical space that belonged to us either by property or by the right to rent it with fixed assets such as furniture and equipment to be able to develop our business and with employees (the greatest liability of any company) is a thing of the past that is obsolete.


The Office of the Future Version 2.0


The office of the future Version 2.0 is an office that has all the best characteristics of the traditional office but without the risks and liabilities that typically come with it.


With workspace as a service, there are no contracts; you pay as you go, total flexibility to grow or downsize, an infinity of secretarial services to reduce payroll expenses, zero investment in equipment and furniture, and flexibility of being able to use that office in any other part of the city. As if the office moves with you.


Today’s entrepreneur requires more flexibility since it is necessary to adapt to situations that a modern business imposes, such as:


Handling mail and packages and having a mobile app to bring your mail to you in the digital age.


The convenience of listing VenturePoint as your registered business address is to receive and store your mail every day. Our secure online mail management and mail forwarding solution offer a simple way to access your postal mail anywhere you are connected to the internet.

When a letter or package is addressed to you the receptionist receives it and immediately you will receive a notification from our application. Based on your choice, you will receive either an email or text message notifying you with a photo of the mail or package. Also, if you happen to be out of town and you receive something you need, you will have the option to request that the document be opened and scanned to you so you can read it from where you are. Or even better if you receive a check you can let us know you want us to deposit it for you in any bank in San Antonio. Mail forwarding is also available so wherever you may need your mail to go, we can do that for you as well. In short, you don’t need to pick up your mail again.


A Virtual Receptionist 


A Virtual Receptionist is a professional live answering phone service. When a customer calls asking for you, our receptionist can either forward the calls to you or take a message on your behalf. Our receptionist can take the message and seconds later you will receive an email with details of the call. This leaves your customers impressed and thinking that your business is larger than they thought and that you have many clients.


Having your office less than 15 minutes away from your home is really convenient.

  • VenturePoint Stone Oak – gallery link
  • VenturePoint Medical – gallery link
  • VenturePoint Broadway – gallery link
  • VenturePoint HighPoint – gallery link
  • Mapa de las 4 locations


You can have a professional environment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack while having the opportunity to exchange some ideas with other successful entrepreneurs like you. This environment where you can collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs is valuable time to you and your company. Building relationships in a familiar and pleasant environment (like if you were with friends or coworkers) gives you many opportunities to expand your professional network with successful entrepreneurs like you.


Conference Rooms


The advantage of meeting with your clients in a conference room is that when the client arrives, there is a sign with the name of your company visible to them. The receptionist professionally greets your clients, offers them some refreshments and leads them to the conference room that you had previously reserved using our user-friendly member portal. In every conference room at every location, there is a TV Display, access to high-speed secure internet and plenty of sanitizing products. This gives you the ability to present your work in a professional, confidential, safe and uninterrupted environment. During the meeting, if you need to print a proposal, you have access to a multifunction printer in the reception area and the receptionist is available to assist you with any office supplies so you have the opportunity to professionally present your work to your clients. With this professionalism, your clients are impressed by the great company image and success your business portrays.


Coworking Area


Another service available is the shared workstations that you can use for co-workers or team members that need to work in collaboration for a limited time, like 1 or 2 hours or maybe 2 days a week, or for employees to have a place to meet while they are in the field.


Office Administration


You can enjoy all these services and also not have to worry about payroll assistants or traditional office expenses. Services like writing a letter, basic translations, reservations, or specific errands can be done through our staff.


An office that offers you a service where your documents can be scanned to be able to have all your information in the cloud and available on your cell phone all the time this way you and your business will be 100% digital.


Finally; you do not have to worry about maintaining the technological infrastructure or making sure it is working properly. Our staff makes sure there is always high-speed Internet with a working phone system and printer. You don’t even have to worry about who is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of your workspace. No Hassles.


For a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy all these services and more. 


But .. does that exist? Of course, VenturePoint is growing every year, to continue opening more locations throughout San Antonio, then throughout the state of Texas and worldwide so that you always have an office close to you, the office of the future Ver 2.0 is really an office for the mobile entrepreneur but above all for the intelligent entrepreneur.


You can already count on the office of the future Ver 2.0



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