Artificial Intelligence is here

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Artificial Intelligence

In my search for a marketing agency to help me establish a social media strategy for VenturePoint Everywhere Inc, I have realized that we are doing very bad, very bad and I emphasize it very badly at the level of marketing we do in San Antonio.


Artificial Intelligence is here.


How is it possible that there are still entrepreneurs who want to do business without marketing? There are still marketing agency owners who are doing old-fashioned campaigns, there are still marketing graduates who don’t want to update.


Artificial Intelligence is an option, it is not a threat ….. if you update yourself.


Let’s look forward, the world didn’t stop in 2020, it was just a hiccup.


I make a call to the business community in San Antonio; entrepreneur includes innovation and creativity, let’s use it to update San Antonio, we are looking to have a city with cutting-edge technology businesses, but the level of marketing does not help at all.


Marketing is not an expense in companies, it is an investment. Marketing is not knowing how to use FaceBook or Google, marketing is a discipline, as professional as that of a lawyer or engineer, marketing does not mean an option in case I lose my job and improvise.


We need to realize that marketing is an essential part of business today and more in the future.


Every day there are more companies and if there are more companies there is more competition and therefore more media.


If there is more media, people are being bombarded by more advertising, on TV (Netflix, HULU, HBO, etc.), radio (podcast, Spotify, etc), more advertising on the roads, on the internet, on cell phones; because with more competition, companies have to out stand their competitor and therefore marketing is more difficult to implement to be effective.


Companies must understand that marketing today is a vital part of their daily lives and could even make a difference to survive. Therefore, the smartest thing to do is to treat this area with the same degree of vitality and responsibility and not improvise hiring “the niece who makes some very beautiful pictures on canvas” and give her that great responsibility. It must be so important that it requires professional resources to be more competitive.


Marketing does not mean a beautiful logo. It is very complicated, it is an art, a technique ,and a science in a single discipline. That is what makes it complicated, since to be efficient with this discipline, you have to have a little of those three skills, hence it is more efficient to have an agency since the agency can attract the best talent from these three disciplines and bring them to the same table.


Artificial intelligence helps all of this work better and faster


The problem with AI is that it only works when you have a good amount of information to be able to have good results.


In San Antonio less than 20% of companies do not even have their client portfolio in some updated format.


Your client portfolio read “Database”, it is the vital part of your business today, you could lose everything, that is, you could lose your building, your infrastructure but if you have your database you could immediately “talk” to your clients via phone or Email to each from your clients and explain what is happening and in less than you imagine your business would continue operating.


Let’s start with the basics, education…. and marketing requires education and experience.


Let’s not wait for AI to arrive and take jobs from us, let’s not wait for us to see it as a threat, let’s see it as a challenge, let’s get out of our comfort zone, let’s train, educate ourselves and become part of AI.



By Luis Escobar

Image by Unsplash.


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