Member Highlight: Arturo Chiu

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American RDA

American RDA

About American RDA

American RDA is a fast paced training designed to guide people to get their RDA license in just 4 weeks. Whereas other programs may take 3 to 9 months, American RDA just focuses in completing the steps that the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners requires from anyone who aspires to get an RDA license. It’s a radical concept but it’s works.

The Story behind American RDA

I renewed my BLS card back on December of 2020 and the next day I had an epiphany about starting a training program for people who wanna leave their regular job behind and venture into the amazing dental world.

So I decided to put my story as my sales pitch on the internet using Craigslist ads in order to reach potential customers/trainees. After all I used to work in the restaurant industry for quite some time. I’ve been a busboy, dishwasher, I’ve flipped burgers and served fajitas. You name it, I’ve done it all!

After doing some research and creating and launching a website American RDA was born. It’s only 2 months old but the response it’s been great so far.

About Arturo

I’m an average guy with big dreams. I play guitar on my free time. I write my own songs.

I own a beta fish. His name is Tooth because he’s semi white just like enamel.

I obtained my RDA license back in 2017 along with the Nitrous Oxide Monitoring certification.

2 years later I got my Coronal Polishing and Sealants certification.

I have an AAS in graphic design, Alamo Colleges, 2009.

Currently I’m a full time RDA who holds the X-Ray Tech position at Smile Magic of San Antonio.


Business Line: 210-570-2352 (Mainly text).


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