Member Highlight: Javier Lopez

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F & C Consulting Group

JAVIER LOPEZ DE OBESO - partner at F&C Consulting Group

About Javier

Javier is a partner at F&C Consulting Group, a global consulting firm in anti-corruption, corporate compliance, investigations and general business law matters. He is also  the President of the U.S. Mexico Business Association, San Antonio chapter  (Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos).

Javier  Lopez de Obeso is an attorney authorized to practice law in Mexico, and is a Certified Foreign Legal Consultant by the Supreme Court  of the State of Texas

F & C Consulting Group

We help companies to reduce their risks while doing business in Mexico and Latin America, through the implementation of different controls, that includes the legal document review, data security and financial.

We are specialist to perform investigations of possible fraud committed at the interior of the organization and to perform the necessary due diligence when associating with third parties.

In F&C Consulting Group, we have offices to provide on the ground support to expanding companies in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Spain and Hong Kong.

AEM (Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos)

Through the network created with the Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos, we help companies to have a better start in San Antonio, as we know the best people to help new business that come from Mexico. We also help USA companies that would like to start their business in Mexico with the necessary support to understand who the system works to have a successful business.


Javier Lopez de Obeso

F&C Consulting Group

Tel. +1 (210) 763-7625



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