Flexibility and Elasticity Amenities for Buildings

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interior of VenturePoint office space building

The pandemic still continues to create chaos in business, today still no one agrees what is happening in Real Estate, everyone has a theory and this creates a great confusion.

The only thing we can say after reading several of these studies is that all agree that adding amenities to the building is a good solution to counteract the increase in sublease that has been growing in 2020 to reach 69% as well, the vacancy rate has reached the chilling figure of 18.9% and will remain so until 2022 according to JLL.

On the other hand, companies are looking for solutions to deal with the ravages of the pandemic and adapt to the new normal. Looking for solutions that give them enough flexibility to be able to plan and adapt to their needs but also that they can have the elasticity that today’s businesses need temporarily.

With these figures and this panorama, smart building owners are wondering what to do and how to prepare to face this crisis?

The keywords are Flexibility and Elasticity, to meet the needs of companies in the short and medium term.

A good solution and According with our experience a new office building should include:

  • Event Center
  • Flex Space
    • CoWorking
    • Executive Suites
    • Conference Rooms
  • Hybrid Model
    • Have their own space but managed and operated by a 3rd party.
    • Flexible Terms
  • Traditional Model

Floor plan

Event Center

Minimum required 1,000 sq ft

Catering Station

  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave Oven
  • Water Station
  • Coffee Maker

Events for up to 75 persons 

Open Area

Flex Space VenturePoint Model

Minimum required 3,000 sq ft


Executive Suites 8

Conference Rooms 2

Hybrid Model

Minimum 5,000 sq ft

It should be a contiguous area to the Flex Space

Same technical requirements since this will be operated by VenturePoint

Traditional Model

Balance of the Building

Flexibility as a key amenity in your building

If you have this amenity in your building, then your building is more attractive to almost any type of customer; If he is looking for a temporary solution, less than 12 months, or he is starting a new business or simply wants to reduce expenses then your building can solve the problem for him; or if he is looking for a traditional solution, with a space according to his needs and with a bigger budget; then most of your building is ready to solve that problem, since your building can also offer this solution.

Elasticity is the dream of every company.

Typically an established company faces from time to time a space problem, for example, for a week, they need a meeting room for training up to 20 people or simply an additional office for someone who comes from outside. What better way to do it, in the same building. If your building offers these amenities on a temporary basis, then the clients of the same building will experience that elasticity they have always dreamed of.

Building with No Competition

In addition, with this integral solution your clients can grow or downsize in your building, if a client is currently using a flex solution, when they grow you will be able to offer them more space in the traditional section and vice versa when a client is looking to reduce their expenses via downsizing your Building may offer you a choice in the flexible section.


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