How To Maintain Home Office Cleanliness For A Better Working Environment

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A clean workplace is one of the many things that contributes to a business’s success. A tidy office leaves a positive and professional impression of your business to clients and guests, and it facilitates better work motivation for employees.


A study by the Stales Corporation reports that 94% of employees felt more productive being in a clean workspace, and 77% said that a cleaner work environment made them feel like they produced higher quality work.


The ongoing pandemic has led to a majority of businesses shifting to remote work, and one of the challenges some employees have been facing is converting their home spaces to a workspace.


With health and wellness being an important priority more than ever, it’s just as important to maintain a clean workspace in your home for better work productivity and safer surroundings.


Sanitize your space


Recent times have taught us the importance of infection control and sanitization wherever we are. Businesses are promoting hygiene practices to mitigate the spread of the virus and bacteria for employees, and you can apply these practices and protocols even in your workspace at home.


The electronic equipment that you use for your work, such as your keyboard, mouse, tablets, headphones and earphones can be a source of various bacteria and germs. It can be potentially hazardous, considering that you frequently make contact with these items, so it’s best to use cleaners that are made for electronic devices to prevent possible damage to them.


Other cleaning products such as sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, or cotton buds can also work as long as you clean carefully with them. When cleaning your computer screen, you can wipe it with a computer screen cloth.


Your desk can also be home to plenty of bacteria and dust, so use a microfiber cloth and anti-bacterial spray to wipe and clean it. To clean your chair, use a small handheld vacuum or a cloth with an upholstery cleaner to clear away any dirt or dust.


Organize your clutter


Studies have shown that a cluttered or disorganized workspace can have an influence on your mental state by making you feel anxious or depressed. A messy workplace also makes you more likely to procrastinate. A well-organized desk allows you to concentrate on your work, and it’s less stressful to work in a tidy environment.


You can organize your desk by using filing cabinets, drawers, shelves, or give designated spots to your things so you’ll know where to find them. You can also label or have a color-coded system for your physical documents and folders, but in today’s digital era, it’s much more convenient to digitally store them in cloud-storage or devices.


Don’t forget to manage cords with wraps or cable stations, and throw away items that you don’t need as they’ll only accumulate unnecessary space on your desk.


Clean surrounding areas


Cleaning your workspace doesn’t have to be limited to your desk, as you can also clean the areas around it. You can clean the nearby windows and curtains, or vacuum the floor as it’s a high-traffic area.


Some would also recommend cleaning other high-touch surfaces such as light switches or door knobs to ensure that their entire room is clean and germ-free. To keep your work surfaces clean, it’s also recommended not to eat at your desk to prevent any spills or crumbs.


Finding the time to clean your home office can be a challenge, especially if you have to deal with other responsibilities at home. However, it’s essential to make some time for cleaning and tidying since it enables you to have a healthier environment where you are less likely to fall ill.


Moreover, by having a clean and organized workspace, it allows you to be more efficient while you work from home


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