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Emerge and rise

San Antonio Opens Newest Business Incubator

San Antonio’s newest business incubator, Emerge and Rise, opened its doors last month, bringing together some of the city’s top mentors and advisors to the next generation of small business owners.

What is a Business Incubator?

A business incubator is a place for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. They provide business assistance, mentorship, networking opportunities, and other services in order to help start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses get off of the ground.  The idea is that by helping them build up their businesses (and helping them avoid some of the common problems encountered in the beginning), they’ll be able to launch more companies that can contribute to economic growth in local communities. 

Who are Emerge and Rise?

Emerge and Rise is San Antonio’s newest business incubator. The program offers business training for new startups, including one-on-one mentoring, workshops, and networking events. Launched this year, the founders, Lina Rugova of Atlas Start and John Knotts of Crosscutter Enterprise have worked with over 300 entrepreneurs and small business owners in helping them develop their business ideas into real businesses. As a 501c3 (pending) nonprofit, they provide free and low-cost training and resources to service-based entrepreneurs, especially underrepresented business communities of veterans, minorities, immigrants, women, and ex-felons.

Why Does San Antonio Need This?

Emerge and Rise is a business incubator focused on growing small businesses in San Antonio. The partnership between Emerge and Rise with VenturePoint, a coworking space, will increase business growth and create greater community involvement and benefit our city as a whole. 

According to U.S Census Bureau data, of all cities, San Antonio has one of the highest percentages of minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses. These new ventures are just another way to increase the economic development within our city by helping these entrepreneurs develop long-term business skills to gain additional financing for their companies or find other opportunities to grow their companies.

Partnership with VenturePoint Coworking

San Antonio’s newest business incubator, Emerge and Rise, is recruiting its first cohort of entrepreneurs who are ready to start a service-based business in San Antonio with a strong partnership with VenturePoint. The two will work together to provide resources for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses. Additionally, founders can take advantage of Emerge and Rise’s exclusive launch and grow program. Entrepreneurs can use networking opportunities provided by Emerge and Rise at VenturePoint locations to connect with mentors who have founded multiple successful companies. This new partnership represents great potential for San Antonio’s future, which makes it easy to see why San Antonio needs Emerge and Rise


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