Safety Checklist for Telecommuters

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The following checklist is recommended for use by each telecommuter in organizing an alternate worksite. The telecommuter should review this checklist with his/her supervisor prior to the start of telecommuting, and they are encouraged to work together to ensure the safety of the alternate worksite or co-working space.


  • Telecommuter has a clearly defined workspace that is kept clean and orderly.
  • The work area is adequately illuminated with lighting directed toward the side or behind the line of vision, not in front or above it.
  • Exits are free of obstructions.
  • Supplies and equipment (both company and employee-owned) are in good condition.
  • The area is well ventilated and heated.
  • Storage is organized to minimize risks of fire and spontaneous combustion.
  • All extension cords have grounding conductors.
  • Exposed or frayed wiring and cords are repaired or replaced immediately upon detection.
  • Electrical enclosures (switches, outlets, receptacles, junction boxes) have tight-fitting covers or plates.
  • Surge protectors are used for computers, fax machines, and printers.
  • Heavy items are securely placed on sturdy stands close to walls.
  • Computer components are kept out of direct sunlight and away from heaters.

Usually all these points in the checklist are contemplated in a Co-working Space

Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency phone numbers (hospital, fire department, police department) are posted at the alternate worksite.
  • A first aid kit is easily accessible and replenished as needed.
  • Portable fire extinguishers are easily accessible and serviced as needed.


  • Desk, chair, computer, and other equipment are of appropriate design and arranged to eliminate strain on all parts of the body, in conformance with Occupational Health Program guidelines.


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